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Ercia Bluewing

Ercia sits under the moonlit sky, specs of sparkling stars scattered across it, in quiet contemplation. Closed eyes listening closely to lullaby of the ocean, hands resting on her lap. Cold briny ai


Yshanar Palefang

Yshanar hails his name and lineage. Along with his sisters, he provides a powerbase of old and ancient elven nobility. The Palefang, known for their snow white hair done up in distinctive and characteristic tails, and their withheld attitude to outsiders, night elf names included.

Like furbolgs, the Palefang dug their home out of the Tree's vast mountains, coring out p


Ryu Shadowborn

Ryu forced himself to breathe, he didn’t need to but it helped him keep focus. Dark Energy flooded through him, as tumultuous of the seas that the battle was taking place on. Zandalari Harpoons slammed against walls of Arcane energy and Barriers of Air conjured by Mages and Shamans. Those however were not his problem, he couldn’t do much about weaponry that he couldn’t deflect with his o


The Veiled Prophet
One, Two, Three,

FOUR are the voices of the Sanctum, which speaks in the space between breaths and the stillness separating the beats of our hearts. The eyes in the stars which stare unblinking from impossible angles. The Surrogates which dredge amber light from brackish water. The doors in the corners and the keys which herald Birth.

Hunger, Pain, Fear,


The Veiled Prophet Apr 22 · Rate: 5 · Tags: cult, vespertine sanctum
Iyeris of the Black Tide Supporter

With great ferocity, she invades Father’s study— heavy, hand carved doors swinging wildly at her flank, rumbling like thunder throughout the manor and framing the stage for what surely is to become a confrontation.

“It was you,” she accuses, standing with his desk to part them, the venerable man across from her yet settled into a high-back chair; unbothered.



“This - was not what I expected.”


Hardly a whisper but for the barest pull of lips


Xivarra Mar 31 · Tags: argus, legion
Aelwin Sinclair

It was pouring down rain on the night of where I lost my voice. I would rather have had my voice be drowned out by the downpour of the rain than lose it forever. Our party arrived at the ruins of Nym to study a tablet there for a necklace that I had gotten from my parents. The necklace, I believed, had ties to the Nym's secret in how they did so well with small squads with Marauders. How I was ever so wrong.


Shari'Adune Forestsong
Anyone interested in some Xfaction (specially with the new trolls) please let me know we may be able to set something up.


Shari'Adune Forestsong Mar 15 · Rate: 5
Kalisia Ashcraft

The apprentice was too numbed to be able to find rest in mind and body. Her tanned skin had cracked open. It carried shades of milky white and dark sanguine, with blisters swelling and tightening over her neckline and down her arm. She could feel the aching in her wrist, which in turn made her left hand shake from the throbbing pain pulsating from it.


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Nissha Brightblossom
Did you know the Grand Bazaar is often filled with vagrants? Perhaps you've turned a blind eye while you've been chatting with merchants, but I could not. I happened upon a couple - I'm not sure if they were friends or lovers - sitting on a high perch overlooking the sea. They looked tired and hopeless as they sipped from dirty flasks. I don't know what they were drinking; I didn't ask.

As I st


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