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Nightmares drove Ceara from her tent just before dawn, clutching her arms to her chest. The sun had yet to rise over the horizon, but it’s rosy light was beginning to touch the ocean, illuminating the Jeweled Coast of Stormsong. She had made camp on a cliff overlooking that vista.

Tears trickled down her cheeks as heavy sobs bubbled up from her chest. She dropped to her knees just before the cliff’s edge holding her arms out before her, looking at them in the early morning light. The scars were still there. They’re intricate branching pattern a beautiful, but painful reminder of what had happened those few years ago. And, like them, the nightmares remained. Memories of fever, sickness, and pain. Pain so terrible that she thought it was going to rip her apart. Those scars and memories remained no matter the years that passed.

Bringing her hands together, she focused, on lightning, on wind, on the storm, and she was quickly rewarded. A wide relieved smile pulled at her lips as a small ball of compressed wind and lightning formed in her open palms. She gave a laugh, soft and shaky, as she licked salty tears from her lips, rolling that ball in her hands. She squashed it between her palms then, digging her fingers into it, pulled it apart, throwing her arms out to her sides, sending a shock wave of static and wind blowing out around her. It shook the trees, rattled her tent, and spooked her windsteed where he stood grazing on the far side of the cliff. Grunting with a worried tone, he made his way over to her.

The windsteed lipped her hair, bringing Ceara back to reality and she smiled warmly at him. “Good morning, Bai. Did I startle you?” She gave the steed an apologetic pat as he lowered himself down, resting his large head on her shoulder. “I’m sorry,” she whispered as turned to wrap her arms around his neck, hiding her face in his white fur.

This had become a morning routine for the two of them for the last few years. Her head resting against his wide neck, Ceara watched with Bai as the sun rose over the ocean, bringing forth another bright day. The bright sunlight dispersed the last dredges of her nightmares.

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By Ceara Ilthien
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