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Based on "What is/are your muse’s favorite hobbies and pastimes?" a 200-word prompt.

I went over that limit.


It’d been some time since Threska had taken to the Barrens. Traveling between Zandalar and Orgrimmar and Kul Tiras was taxing on the mind and body when using portals so often. She felt drained, tired. She’d blame it on being hung over, but she wasn’t even that.

The ride out the day before was uneventful, and staring now out over the savanna, she figured today would be as well. Wrapped in nothing but a bear pelt blanket, she watched plainstriders step carefully through the grass. The morning chuffs, grunts, and roars of prowlers echoed across the great plains. Not too far in the distance a kodo cow grunted happily at the patch of grass she found, while a calf helped itself to Mother’s milk.

Threska snuggled down into the blanket after taking a bite of jerky. To her right sat Ashka, watching with wide yellow eyes. Each time Threska took a bite, the wolf shifted on her backside, trying to be discreet in her begging and failing miserably. The wolf dipped her large grey head when she was caught staring.

“Oh, for fel,” Threska said, handing over the last of the strip. “But that’s all you’re felin’ getting.”

At the first true rays of the new day, Threska looked up as the sky turn red, purple, gold. The sunrise over the giant red rocks of Durotar a few miles to the east were bathed in the fire of the new day. She had missed this, sitting alone watching the sunrise. When was the last time she had done so?

As the clouds burned away, her jerky gone, Ashka stretched out and napping, Threska kept watch. It was too long since she was back, since she was home. Perhaps she might look to returning on a more permanent basis.


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