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This is super old and stupid, but I just found it buried in a tab in my Notebook and thought I’d share. Wrote this shortly after dreaming up Threska. <3


“Threska! Threska!” The little Tauren girl held up her chubby, furry arms demanding to be lifted.

“Alanshee,” the girl’s mother said, laughing. “What is all over your face?”

Threska laughed and scooped the girl into her arms. “For fel, is that mud?” she asked, brushing some of the dried brown substance off of the bridge of Alanshee’s wide bovine nose. It gave off a sour smell as it flaked off.

“No!” she said, scowling adorably. She crossed her arms tightly over her chest. “It’s cowcow! Chankoo pushed me into a big pile while we were playing earlier.”

Mortified, the girl’s mother gasped and pulled Alanshee from Threska’s arms. "‘Cowcow’? Cow—Oh, Great Mother! Chankoo pushed you into a pile of kodo–“


Threska’s hands suddenly felt heavy with germs, but she was determined to not let her disgust show. When she caught the same forced smile and wide eyes mirrored on the other woman’s face, she knew she had failed. Alanshee seemed oblivious and wriggled out of her mother’s arms, dropping to the ground in a run.

Threska couldn’t help but hold her hands away from her body as though they were plagued.

“I don’t suppose you want to…?” the Tauren started, holding her hands aloft in a similar fashion. She wrung her padded mitts together to indicate washing them. “There’s water just for washing outside of our tent that you can use.”

“You don’t have to felin’ ask me twice.”

“I’m… so awfully sorry about–”

Threska snorted, her face splitting into a wide grin. “I ain’t going to say I never touched—the fel she call it?–'cowcow’ before, but I’m glad I ain’t the one who landed face first in it.”

“Chankoo! Not fair!”

“Alanshee smells like poop! Alanshee smells like poop!” Came the taunting call of a ruddy-colored Tauren boy flailing about around the girl.

At the sudden cries of a very upset Alanshee, the mother shook her large horned head with a sigh and went to collect her stinky calf. Threska hurried toward the water to wash off. As she finished, she waved to the mother and headed down toward where kodos and wolves were tied up. Oh, she was very glad she wasn’t the one who landed face first–

With a yelp, her boot got caught on a protruding rock and head over heels she landed smack dab into a fresh green pile of kodo dung.

“Oh for fel!”

“Shoulda watched out for the cowcow, Threska!”

She looked up just in time to see the furry bare-bottom of Alanshee fleeing away as her mother chased her, calling her for a bath.

Chankoo skidded to a halt and grinned. “Threska smells like–”

“You felin’ better…not…,” she snarled, climbing onto her hands and knees.

“…poop,” he mouthed.


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