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Another writing challenge prompt of the same name.


Her wolves were the only thing keeping her sane and grounded as she struggled to pull herself from the nightmarish jaws of the Worgen. The dream was nothing but violent flashes of red and black and the cold blue eyes of a half-man, half-wolf abomination. The jaws snapped inches from her face one second, then snapped below, above, behind, the next. The beast moved like shadow and bit with rage.

Threska shot straight up into a sitting position sweating and crying. Her tongue was parched, her voice gone. To her back, Cron moved purposefully to physically shield her from whatever it was that plagued her dreams. When she didn’t immediately hold onto him, he gently butted her in the head with his snout until she complied and the oversized wolf seemed to relax in his guardianship.

Ashka crawled submissively toward the two on her belly. Cron’s low rumble warned the wolf to tread carefully, but eventually Ashka was close enough to appear she cared without impeding on the other wolf’s space.

Threska breathed in the musky scent of Cron’s fur and told herself it was just a dream. In defiance, a blurred image from the nightmare replayed and as she choked back a scream, Cron turned to lick her face free of tears. Ashka whined.

When the moment passed, Threska slid back a little so she could brush her hair back. Her voice trembled weakly as she spoke. “I…can’t shake his… and I see him, every felin’ time I close my eyes, Cron. For fel! I feel like I’m cursed!” The giant wolf’s side tipped and the next thing Threska knew, she was lying on her back with a near-rideable wolf draped across stomach and chest.

He was protecting her. He was guarding her body and spirit, and in that moment Threska curled her hands through the heavy, thick fur of his mane and let his strength pass into her. Ashka crawled closer until she could rest her muzzle across Threska’s neck. She rolled onto her side so that her belly was pressed to the top of the orc’s head making it appear that she was curled around her.

A wind picked up, crisp and cold in the predawn hour. Threska gave a shuddering breath as the wolves got comfortable. Then she let the warmth of her pack ease her once more into sleep.

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