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I am Khornoth Skulltaker. I have lived long and still live for longer more, and for my entire life I have been dipped in the ways of war. I was trained in my childhood, even using the gifts of my ancestors for it, and would eventually come to be corrupted and once more reconnect to the greatness of my people and our heritage. As of recently, I resigned on good terms from the Horde Army and still serve my Horde for the good of its people and my clan, Blackrock. Since I left the major battlefields and my rank of Centurion to Ranger Lord Wyldegleam, taken to my independance, I have dedicated my time to teaching the culture of Blackrock to my kin and preserving our legacy while supporting the people of the Horde from within. With idle time I have, especially while traveling in pilgrimage to several locations, I decided to have this story. This story, for the sons and daughters of the Horde in Orgrimmar and everywhere else. The children of our Horde are what will replace us, and it is important we watch over them. They are our lifeblood, and for many, the reason we fight. I have no children of my own, and I doubt I will ever have such. And so I dedicate these stories to the children.


In the land of Bazga, there was a little child named Dargul. Dargul lived in a shack, under a bridge, with his family. A happy family, who did not have to worry of the rain or sun. They lived close to the great city, and they had many other families to be their friends. Bazga is a beautiful place. Magical creatures live with its people, who help each other in the long winters, the long springs, the long autumns and long summers. Everything is longer in Barga, but everyone likes that. There is always enough time for everything.

In the long winters, it got very cold. The Fires, dogs made of molten rock, would run around to people's homes offering their burning stones to families in need of a fire to last them until the next winter. The Fires were thanked by the people of Bazga with stone hills they made their homes to take care of their own families.

In the long springs, homes were hurt from the long seasons. The Earths, fat chunky rocks that wobbled and rocked with little hands and stubby legs, waddled and rolled to fix the stone homes of Bazga's families. The Earths were thanked by the people of Bazga with large forests they could live in, to raise rocks that would become their new families.

In the long autumns, children all across Bazga were bored. The Airs, small snakes of cool and fast wind, would fly through the sky and lift the colorful kites of the children. Festivals would come where the Airs fly and fly, making every kite dance and glimmer with shiny little stones on them. The Airs were thanked by the people of Bazga with small houses on top of families homes, where the Airs slept and taught their baby Airs how to fly to make the kites go into the sky.

In the long summers, it was very hot. The Waters, great living puddles with golden eyes, served their water to every home, every day in the summer so that the people of Bazga did not have to leave their cool homes. They were thanked by the people of Bazga with clean and healthy river basins where all puddles from the rain would be able to pour into, so that the Waters were never lonely and could find their families.

Dargul loved the magical creatures. The rolling Earths, the windy Airs, the soothing Waters and the warm Fires. And even though Dangul had a family, they did not have a mother or father. Dargul had them self, and with them one Air, one Fire, one Earth and one Wind living with Dargul in harmony. Dargul was raised by these four, and they were Dargul's family. Dargul loved them very much, and they were no different to Dargul's friends families. Because they were Dargul's, and they loved Dargul.

One day, the sun did not rise after a long summer's last night. It was another whole day and night until everyone would awake. The next day, the long winter came. But the Fires did not come, and Dargul's Fire was gone. All the families were cold, and they had to take from the hot stone hills the Fires lived in.

The sun did not rise again on the winter's last night. The next day, the long spring came. But the Earths did not come, and Dargul's Earth was gone. All the families homes were not fixed, and so they had to take the trees from the forests the Earths lived in.

The sun did not rise yet again on the spring's last night. The next day, the long autumn came. But the Airs did not come out of their houses, and Dargul's Air was gone. All the children of Bazga were sad and cried, so the smartest of Bazga had to make great spinning machines to create wind with the little homes the Airs lived in.

The sun did not rise again on the autumn's last night. The next day, the long summer came. But the Waters did not come out of the lakes, and Dargul's Water was gone. All the families were not given water, so they had to create smaller dirty rivers to their homes from the lakes the Waters lived in.

Bazga became sad. Its magical friends were gone, and no one knew why. On the summer's last night now, came a great monster. It was a monster made of blackness, with many blade-shaped legs that went down its sides... It had a lions head, with a golden set of teeth and it rose over Bazga with its white eyes.

"I am Aallinec! I am the forever night! I have taken your Fires, your Earths, your Airs and your Waters. They will serve me in my new kingdom. You are all with families, and with that I shall grant you all mercy. But know that your precious friends shall never return, until I am defeated by your greatest warrior!"

And so Aallinec, the great monster, the forever night, would fly away to the North where his great kingdom was away from Bazga. The many families of Bazga were sad, but thankful they had their own families. But families without their magical friends were scared and fearful of what Aallinec would do to them. The people of Bazga did not want to fight the monster in fear Aallinec would return to destroy their family only. All had a family, except one now.

Dargul was lonely, and now had no more family. Dargul was sad, and so Dargul cried. Dargul in the harsh seasons had become harder and harder with those long seasons, and Dargul was strong but still oh so small. Dargul had no family, because it was taken from Dargul. And Dargul wanted the family back. Dargul, with a kilt, cape and spear swore to travel through Bazga and defeat the evil Aallinec. Aallinec will return all the family's magical friends, Dargul swore. And so Dargul became,


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