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Crossing his arms and leaning backwards, the rickety wooden chair creaking under the death knights shifted weight, his expression turned solemn and distant. Memories flickered past his eyelids as he held them closed for an extended moment. They were painful in that he longed for that time once again. To be young once more. Alive. Even through his siblings bickering he missed them both fiercely. His parents too. At least they managed to be spared the curse he and so many share.

With thoughts of home lingering in his mind; the rustling canopy of leaves above him as sunlight shone through the dense of Eversong Woods, the smell of nature enveloping him like a soft blanket. He wanted to sigh but with no need for breath the action seem redundant. As memories of what seemed another lifetime passed by Uriel, he at least gave a barely audible grunt to acknowledge them.

“It’s funny. In a twisted and morbid way.” The elf spoke to the other sitting across from him. Shadows obscured the others features from being recognizable. He hadn’t known why he began speaking to the shadow except he knew this wasnt the first nor last time this occurence would happen. He’s been here before. In this room. In this chair. At this table. Talking to this shade.

“Everything that’s happened.” He said. Uriel'thos’s words came out hardly more than a whisper and to his own ears sounded more like somebody else speaking rather than he. He felt his mouth moving, forming words and sentences, yet he denied the ones he heard belonged to him. With the words a feeling of emptiness filled him. Despite his no longer possessing a functional heart, he was sure he felt a pang shoot through it like an arrow he used to master.

“They say everything happens for a reason. I wonder if that’s true in my case. For everyone that fell in the name of the Scourge.”

Deserved it. Deserved it. Deserved it.” The shadow hissed back at him, voice like splintered wood.

“Maybe I did. I was no saint even when blood coursed through my veins. But they did not. My father should have grown grey in age. Not murdered at the hands of the very same that took me as well. My brother should still be a ranger. Who knows? Maybe by now he’d had made it to Ranger Captain if he put his mind to it. My sister should still be in Dalaran raising her daughter.” Each word spoken seemed to fuel the fire he felt inside until, with the last words, Uriel lashed out. Armored fists came into contact with the wood of the table, cracking underneath the force.

“Dead. Dead. Dead.”

“Your fault. Your fault.”

With a snarl, Uriel pushed back his chair, sending it crashing to the ground. Grabbing his dual swords from where they rested in their scabbards at his waist, Uriel plunged the frost tipped blades into the nonexistent body before him. There was a crack and a groan as the wall was punctured. The shade seemed to mock him as he heard the sound of a cackling laughter filling his ears. The shade danced and twirled around the knight, tormenting him with its jests and laughing.

He despised the fact he let the thing get under his skin as much as it was. Another fist had been thrown though much like his blades it only met wood. Again, he heard the thing’s mocking insults as it flitted about.

“Your fault! It’s your fault! You should have saved them! You stood by and watched them all perish! What does that make you? More man or more monster?”

Ears pinned backwards against his head in a blind fury, Uriel let out a blood curdling scream as he lunged for the spectre only his eyes could see. As expected, the death knight only passed through the ghost, falling heavily to the ground. He remained there, on his knees, clutching the spot on his chest that spurred these moments, silent tears splattering the ground beneath him.

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