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Uriel had been at the edge of the water for what seemed like hours. Waves lapped at the young elf’s bare feet as he stared out across the open expanse of ocean that went beyond the horizon. The sky was splashed with variants of red and orange, fading into a purple sky just before the sun set as it would give way to the night and its stars.

The water was cold yet refreshing after traipsing the humid woods all day. He’d been told to come here at this time to meet Aella'doran so where was he ? The other boy should have been here by now. For awhile, Uriel considered the possibility that him coming here to meet Aella had been apart of some joke. He ignored those thoughts as best he could Aella wouldnt do that. Not to him.

His feelings for the other had begun to grow out of hand. Each time he was around the fisherman’s son, his stomach fluttered and his heart sang a melody of tunes. He couldnt be around him without getting his nerves twisted around. It was an odd feeling, one he didn’t quite understand as nobody before had taken his interest much like Aella'doran had. It wasnt until he had went to his older brother for advice with these mixed feelings that he understood it as being a crush.

It had been weird to consider at first. His father always spoke about how Uriel would one day find a wife and have children to carry on their family lineage. That he’d be lucky to find a woman he would be compatible with in everything. While he wanted to uphold his father’s wishes no woman had caught the boys eye, even once he learned what exactly the birds and the bees were.

To be fair nobody had until Aella'doran either. Maybe the fact he had fallen for another boy was what was so scary about the feelings he felt but dwelling on them further, Uriel came to the conclusion they were genuine. He was in love with the fisherman’s son and he planned to spill his heart whenever he saw him tonight.

Suddenly, he felt arms around him, pulling Uriel from his thoughts. Yelling in surprise, he reflexively brought his elbow down to meet the others ribs. With a sharp exhale of breath, the person released him and fell backwards into the water. Turning to see none other than Aella'doran himself, clutching his side as he let out a breathless, wheezing laughter.

“Anar'alah, you almost gave me a heart attack!” Uriel exclaimed.

“And you almost gave me internal bleeding so I think we’re even.” Aella replied.

Rolling his eyes, Uriel held out his hand to help the other up. Though much to his surprise, Aella'doran didnt let go of his hand as he stood. Instead, he remained clutching it as he looked intently at Uriel'thos. His heart was in his throat at the unforeseen contact and Uriel resisted the urge to pull back and blush fiercely.

“The summer festival is in a few days. I was wondering if you wanted to go with me?” Aella began, each word carefully picked. He tipped his head curiously.

“I go with you every year.”

“Yes well this year…I’d like if we went as dates.”

If he wasnt blushing before, Uriel certainly was now. The one person that mad managed to steal his heart had felt the same? Or perhaps he misunderstood.

“As dates..?” Uriel repeated.

Aella'doran nodded despite the oddly nervous look he had. Squeezing his hand a bit tighter, he pulled Uriel closer to him until he was against his chest. Tilting his head up to meet his own, Aella pressed a quick, awkward kiss to the others mouth. The action seemed to solidify his intent and answer Uriel’s questions. He had indeed felt much the same, to Uriel’s utter relief. Melting into the kiss, Uriel wrapped his arms around the others neck.

“I’d love to go with you.” He replied once they broke from the other.

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