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"The war wages on, almost all of Kalimdor is occupied, our islands are the only other stronghold that remains outside of Feathermoon." "Are we really calling an irradiated light display and a crash site a stronghold at this point?" "Well, we have the Vindicar watching over us at least." "We almost crashed that too..." "No no no, its because we didn't let those elves sneak in this time." "They didn't sneak in the first time!" "Hey, did I ever tell you about the time I found a walking fish?" "Those are murlocs for the 8th time Xen!"

Suffice it to say time around Azuremyst went by at a snails pace, even worse so for the draenei. The three sat around a fire going over the news, it was just another day of uncertainty. Kalimdor burned, ashes still occasionally fell with the rain, and less than half of the land of their two islands combined was truly habitable. Shore defenses were being worked on day in and day out, ready to be moved to opposite sides of the island almost at a moments notice and the Vindicar was on high alert at all times. Artificers maintained defense constructs, crystal turret encampments, and battle frames around the clock. The draenei were not to be taken by surprise again. Pravyn, a Harbinger among their forces, just sighed after all of their back and forths all too aware of the situation.

He got up and took a stroll, leaving the others to bicker among themselves until the sun dried up. Not two minutes into his walk he stopped, another massive crystal being wheeled out to be set up. He folded his arms and just watched, two large elekks carrying the heavy object with a group if workers following behind. Artificers and soldiers no doubt, but they seemed rather plain. He cocked his head, drifting off before feeling a small tug on his tail. "Mr., what are they doing?" A child, hardly five or six years old, stood peering up with wanting eyes, wide and full of curiosity. He turned and knelt down offering a smile at eye level, "Why, they're off to work. They're building nice big things." He certainly wasn't wrong, he wasn't fully correct either. "Can I see!" Clearly excited, he pointed at the cart, his arm waving up and down. "Sure, sure." Letting out a chuckle, "Hop on."

Stepping up onto his knee, and climbing onto his shoulder, the child made his way up and seated himself comfortably. Standing and holding onto the child's back and legs, he carried him over flagging down the caravan waving his hand wildly. "This one wanted to see what you were doing." He nodded up to his passenger, smiling at the clearly excited kid. His hands were reached out, grasping to touch the large violet crystal. Pravyn looked to one of the artificers, "Still dormant right?" The other simply nodded as Prav started to lift the child up and off his shoulder, on to the side of the cart for he could examine it. "Its so big!" was the first thing to come out of his mouth, "and smooth!" He was in awe, likely the first time he had ever seen such a thing up close. "Are you going to make a nice big house?!" "They are." Pravyn cut in, "They're going to make sure families like yours have nice new places to move into." The kid clapped, "Good! Cause my brother is a stupid head and I dont like it!" He quickly pouted, folding his arms across his chest. "Haha, well, he is your brother. Maybe you should tell him how you feel? Maybe a bit nicer than that?" Prav smirked, lowering his head as the child recoiled, "Yeah, I guess you're right." Pravyn laughed, "I know a few things about brothers. Now, come on. We need to let them get back to work." He offered his hand as the child grabbed on, pulling and swinging him off as he was let to the ground, grabbing on to Pravyn's thumb.

He nodded to the laborers, "Thank you." before they continued on. "Come on, let's find your parents. I'm sure they're worried." "Yeah... maybe..." "I'm sure they'll be happy to hear all about this." The child's eyes lit up, looking back to the vindicator, "OH! I can't wait to tell my sister! She loves those them. She's so smart." "Yeah? Well even more reason to get back. Lets go." He offered one last smile, leading him back towards where they had started.

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