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Aranya sat, at one of her myriad desks in one of her sundry offices or sanctums scattered throughout the nooks and crannies of all the known worlds, her upright pointed ears stiff with irritation, her whiskery black eyebrows twitching ever-so-slightly with every warring emotion in her head, staring at a letter that had been so unfortunate as to find her. Here, in one of the more civilized holes that she claimed ownership of and did her work in.

Of all the veiled threats and implied bullying that the banshee had ever sent her way, not one had managed to get under her skin, make her bow or come to heel. Not. Even. One. Aranya had managed to keep the resources of the Eclipse Syndicate strictly allocated to their own business; acquisitions and trade, island plunder, azerite assets and smuggling, and the running of their various fronts in taverns and the shop in Stormwind.

“Miss Ver’Sarn,” this letter began, simply. Not “Esteemed Arcanist Ver’Sarn,” or “To the Respected Arcanist Ver’Sarn,” like the other letters before it, the ones penned in fancy prose by Forsaken lackeys forwarding the Dark Lady’s wishes to her. No, this one was very, very different.

It made note of her past valor, past honor, and praised her without floweriness. It implored her, in plain words, to commit to the needs of the Horde against the Alliance, with the rising incursions that both factions were making into enemy territory… And that more lives could be saved with the resources she commanded.

... I will arrange for it - personally, if I must - that all your operatives be fairly compensated. I await your answer, soon.

- Eitrigg

Of all the subtle things the current Horde leadership had tried before, bullying hadn’t worked, threats hadn’t worked, but now one direct request from one person who she honestly respected, and Aranya was sitting here like the wind had just been stolen clean out of her sails in this. She had always known that the Eclipse Syndicate would become more directly involved in matters for its operatives’ home factions sooner or later, moving resources, providing ships and shipping, she wasn’t naive. But she had thought - expected, even - that she would be stalling a little longer, be defiant a little longer.

Eitrigg… One old soldier to whom she really couldn’t say no.

Honorable Commander

Consider it done. It’s “madame” not “miss,” however, I’m married now.

~Arcanist Aranya Ver’Sarn

She penned a few more missives before summoning a puffy little arcane elemental to take them all on their way. “This one to Commander Eitrigg. These ones to Danzer and Melanie.” No need for any to go to the other Perished, she would speak to each of them personally. “Tell them we’re going to get our hands bloody.” https://twitter.com/sldfspectresix/status/1076974730614398977

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