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Many moons had past since she had last seen this place.it was once a source of comfort to her, but now It held memories that she buried deep within her long ago. Yet, it always seemed to call her back, almost like she was tethered to it. The old wooden floor creaked as Alisandra took a step through the entrance. Her hand rubbed along the smooth walls, cool to the touch. Peering around the room. There was not source of light other than the moon shining through the cracked glass of the window. A puff of white air escaped her lips, With her left hand She wrapped the cloak closer to her body.

It had changed through the years. Spiderwebs could be seen in the nooks of the walls and banisters. Dust had collected from neglect.

The sound of a children laughing made Alisandra whip her head around seeing no one in sight.. With a sudden crack the fire lit up in the hearth. A growing sense of dread clung to her heart, the hair on the back of her neck stood up, feeling something brush by her leg. A faint image of a little girl with curly blonde hair ran towards the table. Struggling to get up on to the chair, her lower lip started to tremble and tears welled in her eyes. Alisandra went to take a step forward.

“Sera you know better then to get up by yourself.” Came a boyish voice behind her. Moving past Alisandra was a preteen male, a foot taller then she was. His messy dirty brown hair came just above his neckline.

He bent down and picked up Sera, carefully situating her in the chair. “Now we should wait for big sis. She should not take to long.”

“C-“ Alisandra began speak, then froze hearing a familiar voice.

“Caleb.” She turned, seeing a younger version of herself at the entrance of the door. Never realizing how small and malnourished she was as a teenager. With a baby on her hip and another child at her side, holding her left hand.

“Food is almost ready. Can you set these two little ones up as I finish up?”

Her ward gave a nod, moving over to take the infant from her hold and with his other free hand lead the other child to the table.

Alisandra watched on in shock, as the scene before her continued to play.It went on for a while until all of the children headed to bed after dinner. Which left her younger self alone cleaning up the after them.

Then little Ali stopped in mid motion, and turned to face her, staring straight at Alisandra. Raising her hand and pointed a finger in her direction. The fire flicked, then snuffed out.

“You are cursed Alisandra Ebonfire,you deserve to be alone. You will die alone.” The image smirked coming closer, morphing into an old mentor. Fear pierced her heart. He cupped her cheek, “ Blood stains your hands and death clings to you. My dear Ebonfire, you think you escaped me. I will always find you.” He stepped back and faded way. Leaving the house just like how she enter it.

Pain twinge in the right side of her body, pulling some of the sleeves to her robes down and she grimaced.Veins bulged as the black lines ran to the center of her ribcage. It is getting worse. I need to find a way to keep it at bay.

As she began to rearrange her robe something caught her attention out of the corner of her eye. A small crack in the wall. Limping over and cleared away the cobwebs She found a small envelope with her name written on the front. She opened it, and her brown eyes widened. With haste she stashed it in her satchel and ran out of the door into the cold winter air.

Not noticing a figure watching her from afar.

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The Wall

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By Alisandra Ebonfire
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