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Mahraz finds her interest more so on the tree with thick, sprawling limbs that roots close by but hangs above. Familiarity resonates her senses. When the branches of the tree release leaves among their rustling, the boy fills with excitement. Laughter. Youthful and feminine. Another kaldorei child emerges, "Better watch talking to nature like that, and it might swallow you!"

With a face falling flat the boy lifts his leaf-adorned head and frowns at her, "And what exactly would a girl know about nature? This is not your thing but a boy's thing!" The children begin to stare at one another as he adds, "Now if you would mind, I'm busy! Shouldn't you be at a Temple hymning sermon to our Mother moon, huh? Go away!"
As heated as his voice may be in the moment it draws soft laughter from Mahraz. Once again, the boy attempts to concentrate on the root, tension forming in his forearm as he hums loudly. A few veins even rise along his arm and on his temple. He scoffs. Releasing the strain of focus which continued to bring no reaction from the root the boy pants for a moment and his face scrunches up. "Gah! Druidism is STUPID!"
Squinting at the boy, the other kaldorei child sneers back at him, "You're an ugly girl then!" The reminder of druidism being engendered even leaves Mahraz to suck in a breath. Rolling off the tree limb the girl slides onto her knees and leans invading the space between either child, "How'd'ya'," murmuring her glowing silver gaze stares at the pulsating vein on his forehead, "-think you taste?"
Forgoing giving the boy a chance to respond, the girl tacks on, "Bein' a druid isn't stupid either!" Scrunching her features at him, thin fingers with close-cut nails wiggle in the direction of buds to flowers along the edge of the high grass in the meadow. They swell. Bursting. Tiny white flowers of a small patch bloom. The children stare at each other. Flecks of amber pierce the natural silver hue to the girl's eyes, "Stop tellin' nature it is dumb, she doesn't like that, might even eat you!"
"I'm not a girl! I'm a man! Even my mother endorses me in that!" Glaring at the girl, the kaldorei pokes his tongue at her, but his expression flushes when she suddenly invades his space. He blinks rapidly, "W-What?! Taste?! What're you even talking about how I would taste? I don't eat night elf, so how would I know?"
He continues to express a variety of emotions. When he realises that she has manipulated the flowers with ease compared to his struggles, he is taken back by it, "Woah, cool!" Shortlived awe, though, as the boy retreats, " - I meant how? How did you do that? You're a girl- girls don't know Druid spells! And what would you know of nature?"
The outburst continues, "I've been trying all day—ALL DAY!—and nothing happens; then you come along and do that! Elder Terion's going to boot me out of the Circle if I don't manage one measly spell. I'd rather be out there training for the Sentinels like my mother! She'd rather me here, among the Circle, following father."
By the end, the boy grows unusually soft before coming to silence. Squinting, the girl begins to ask if he has tried taking the stick out of his bum, but it comes out as a heavy sigh instead. "Do you have clouds in your ears?" Straightening up, she puffs her chest out, "Druidism is stupid! Girls don't know nature spells!" Parroting his behaviour, she ends her act with a raspberry. "Azeroth is a girl, dummy! She is life. Elune is the Mother where Azeroth, the daughter."
Reaching for his wrist, the girl scolds him, "Tantrums don't work on mothers, why would it on her?" Mahraz recalls this moment, where she broke the façade of a child waiting to be of age to attend lessons in becoming a sister of the Temple of Elune. The continued reaction speaks loudly of this as the boy squints at the other kaldorei with a huff:

"Well, it's true - you're not supposed to know druid spells! Girls are supposed to learn priestly things or how bows and arrows work! How do you even know Azeroth's a girl, do you commune with it?"
Catching his wrist appears to unnerve the boy who visibly grits his teeth. Then, he looks over his shoulder at the kaldorei, "Fine! Will…will you please help me with this stupid spell?" Succumbing to the idea of her being able to help, the boy continues with a subtle tone of blunt questions, "Where did you even learn, there are no girls in my class where the elders teach their lessons."
Squeezing his wrist the girl directs his focus, "Think about it, huh? Elune is a wise, old woman kind of like our grandmothers. Azeroth's her daughter. Nature, all of life itself, all siblings with her as the mother." The girl stays on his shoulder but awkwardly leans forward trying to help him as she is much shorter than him. "When you ask for nature to help you, act like she's your mum. Love her. She will come to return it but," she pauses squinting at him out of the corner of her eye, "if you keep callin' her stupid, we're bound to find out what you taste like when she swallows you."
After a few moments of silence, the boy tilts his head. "You're to say I should be more…"motherly" towards to flora I am trying to say over?" His eyebrows lift, "More maternal," and his gaze turns empathetically to the root he has tried to manipulate for some time now.
"Guess I wouldn't want to be called stupid, either," muttering his fingertips extend and the kaldorei focus on redeveloping his connection. From the root itself to the soil and the plant that lays wilted his attention set in physical motion by a gesture that brings awe to his features as the plant responds with a sway, "You were right!"
In his success, the young kaldorei tries to prod the other child in figuring out where it is she learned how to commune with nature and perform druid magic. Initially, her evasion persists, but she eventually explains how her father is a druid and has raised her in the Moonglade according to the rules, so the idea that he would teach her is impossible. Or, at least, she implies such.
"Thank you for the help, though."
An echo beneath a single word. The boy repeats himself:
"I appreciate the help."
A flash of light; In place of the children is a table and chained to it is an Illidari. Specifically, Logerion. Torment fills the air, his features no longer of his contained form but demonic. Howling in pain the creature bound to him echoes in every noise. A second flash. A sin'dorei warlock surrounded by the thrumming green fel energy appears to take place over Logerion, and the torture delights him.
As quickly as the scene came, it goes.
Mahraz shoots up with breath hitched in her throat, chest heaving and sweat glistening across her body. The sound of her heartbeat sits in her ears.

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