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Caedun was too large for the stool, but it hadn't stopped him from planting himself, broad and hunched, on its tiny cushion. He loomed over the small circular table before him, burning green eyes tracing along the immaculate lacquered carving that made the simple furniture into hidden art. A warm breeze combed through his hair and tugged gently at his piecemeal clothing, lifting his gaze from the wooden surface to the parting in the foliage.

Rolling hills, jutting buttes, and seemingly limitless green--all veiled in a misty cloak--stretched out before him. The air was sweet, the temperature perfect, a gentle ambient warmth that amplified the pleasant scents of the woods and the nearby tavern in tandem.

The proprietor of the place had initially been wary of the towering man, but had eventually found his taciturn and glowering presence at least inoffensive, and at most oddly amusing. He made his way back out, sliding a light ceramic plate with a sampling of steaming Pandaren fare in front of the Illidari, and a frosty mug alongside.

"Something to whet your appetite. A fellow of your size likely needs a lot of fuel, hmm?"

Caedun's eyes trailed the mug, then he shifted his head to regard the broadly smiling Padaren.

"More than I'm willing to admit," the hunter rasped in response. The rotund man chortled at that, his wide hands falling to clutch his belt.

"What brings you here, friend? Pandaria has been quiet since the armies left; I admit it has felt a touch dull without the waves of adventurers with stories to share."

Caedun considered the question for a moment, then looked back down to his plate. He speared a dumpling with one of his finger talons and popped it in his mouth, shredding it rapidly with his angular teeth.

"Sunsets," he replied plainly, chewing after the muffled reply.



The proprietor studied him with brows knit, but in short order his smile returned and his expression softened.

"Soothing of the soul is something Pandaria offers in no small amount. May you find the sunset you seek." He dipped his head and walked away, but called over his shoulder as he padded off.

"But don't leave yet, there's plenty more cooking up for you!"

Caedun looked up once again at the vista, to a sky that had begun to shift in colour. A peal of orange light split across his forehead and glinted on the point of his horns. He squint at a brightness that he could not fully perceive, perhaps out of long-gone habit.

He did not feel different, but he admitted somewhere, deep in himself, that the moment was nice.

But the dumpling was better.

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