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Burning emerald eyes haunted her dreams, the result causing the gardener to jolt awake in a sweat. Sleep was troublesome all throughout the night, only truly having fallen into a slumber a few hours ago upon first easing into the stuffy quarters. The window was left open to usher in air flow, a fragrant mixture of honey suckle and wild mint floated in to tease her senses, a sweet smile forming unbidden. A strange feeling came over her then, different and unable to pinpoint the reason would she decide it was time to rouse herself. Shapely legs would sweep over the edge of the bed, the young woman swaying to her dresser. A thin white gown would be shrugged on, stained with dirt and all manners of various herbal matter. Bare feet would carry her down the hall and out onto the grounds. The scent of fresh bread from the kitchens could be caught, the rooster just beginning to croon to prepare for the sun's arrival. Quickly would she enter the chef's domain, smiling impishly at the cook already waiting with a smile and an earthen mug of tea.

" Thank you. "

Was uttered softly, giving the kindly old woman a kiss on the cheek before stealing out to the garden. Peering about would the perfect spot be found, setting her mug down first would she clamber atop, legs dangling and crossing with girlish delight at the ankles. Reclaiming the cup of brew would a sip be had, sighing happily with sights set on the distant horizon. A stirring breeze ruffled errant onyx curls, causing her direction to drift over combining colors -- pink clouds forming with gilded rays beginning to shoot outward, roseate hue melding with lingering violet, transferring into dusky blue, and lastly orange would flash to bring with it the fiery rise of the sun. Bright sea green eyes, a dazzling mix of oceanic hues would widen and that smile spread. Obsidian waves set to glossy shine down her back. This child of the earth continued to bask in the sunrise that would usher in a new day, different choices, Baron Rellian -- Baron Rellian! A gasping squeak would be released, that mug dropped below and a little crash heard. The light-struck flower picker hadn't realized she wasn't alone.

A stoic figure did he ever make, hands clasped behind him in a militaristic at-ease position. That silvery fall of hair drifted about his face, the signs of life seemingly paused to leave the man handsomely dignified, that shock of white the only testament to aging. A cream shirt lay unbuttoned, pants low upon masculine hips. It was this Baron she saw, a moment of clarity afforded to truly admire the state of undress. Those jade eyes weren't set on the glorious rising of the day, nor trained on the birds caught in song but gaze was solely on the frightened young woman who had hoped for a cheery morning. How long he had been staring was unknown to perhaps even him.

"Kestrel, I would of thought you'd still in bed. I'm sure last night wasn't particularly easy for you." Tone was husky, still tinged with a drowsy encumberment but that mind was still sharp.

A deep blush would take to her cheeks, an embarrassed shade that made her quiver. Thoughts of kisses, shared breaths, and the cold acceptance of entwining bodies surfaced -- girlhood shattered for the Baron had certainly seen to that. "I couldn't sleep, needed to think some things through." Calm was belated at her shuddering, trying to look at anything but his face.

" You feeling poorly? " He asked, perhaps having noticed the fact she ruined one of his cups.

That lower lip was taken between teeth, nibbled to reclaim scattered wits and let the flow of words be released.

" You frightened me is all, you've a habit of it. "

The look on his face as such things were uttered was masked, perfectly schooled in a deadpan expression. Slowly would he stalker closer, a bestial grace that granted him silence. Were all the Rellian's bred so? Firmly was her chin grasped, tilting her face to let ghostly pine gaze penetrate stare straight down into her fearful sights.

" That's never my intention, but perhaps it's for the best. "

He leaned forward a fraction and the urge to recoil was fought, those eyes peering beseechingly into his own.

" You should get started about your day. I'm expecting to host guests in the garden, I want it at it's best. "

No smile was offered and suddenly he was gone, turning away without another word to prowl back into the depths of his manorly cave. Kestrel blinked, peering up at the sky for a moment before peering down at the shattered mug -- an ironic start to her day.

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