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Like open books, open pages to a soul long lost, but never forgotten. My memories are strong, those that yet remain, and I remember many things, though, as of more recently, I remember him.

We spent a fortnight together, while his men rested from their travels, and provisioned for their further journey. He spoke of it being the tail end of an adventure, and he was on his way home. Of course I was afraid at first, who wouldn’t be? His kinsmen had held a reputation for years… but I have never been one to judge a book by the cover, nor too, would I judge him by that which defined his kin. Indeed, too, he was beautiful. His hair like liquid starlight, his eyes burning like the sun. He was good to his men, too, a trait I found endearing. He would see to their every question before he retired with me. He would speak of dreams for the future, of a land as one, at peace, with no worry for health or home. I admit I was.. enthralled. Since having left my kin behind, I had been… aching.. for companionship, and while a leader in my own right, I could not… Deny his charm. He spoke highly of me. Said I was the finest specimen of my kinfolk that he had ever lay eyes upon. There were many other words he chose to impart, not many of which are for decent folk’s ears, I assure you… but he was particularly fond of my eyes. The fact that they do not match. He said it was something that intrigued him, and he would spend hours staring at them as we lay talking.

He wanted me to go with him, to be his, in his homeland. I had to refuse, I had business I could not deny, but he was adamant that we would meet again. He gave me his ring. His signet I think. an heirloom, and given freely to me. I never parted with it.. until recently. But it has been so long… and my friend… my new friend… I think he needs it more than I.

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By J'areth Nunh
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