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This was the sort of landscape that Ryu should have reveled in, Nazmir, a Swamp full of Death and Decay, but there was little real Decay within Nazmir. G’huun had been purified, poison doesn’t leave the host the moment the parasite is removed, and the effects of the synthetic Old God still lingered. The Death Knight could feel it, being an Unholy Death Knight he was trained in Necromancy..it was part of him in the same way his hands were, there was no Decay here only Death, nothing really rotted it was just infested by the fungus like corruption of an Old God.

The defiled mud squelched and gurgled under his new grey plateboots, freshy from the weapon storerooms of Stormwind, The Scourgelord Armor he had worn for years having been too old and damaged over the years to be of real use anymore, besides he was in the Alliance now and he had to wear the armor the rest of the normal soldiers used, luckily the greys and blues didn’t clash too badly with the cloak he had been given so long ago, a Gong-Lu cloak given to him by the Mayor of Stoneplow before he left to aid in Draenor infused with the power of Xuen the White Tiger.

Dazar’alor shone to the south in the morning sunlight, the orders had come down..the Alliance would be assaulting the Throne of the Zandalari King soon, two strikes one from the North to distract the Horde forces, and a Second elite group to perform the assassination of the Rastakhan. That wasn’t Ryu’s job though, he would be in the forces from the North part of the faceless mass of Stormwind Infantry. In some ways his existence had come full circle, once again a foot soldier in the Alliance, fighting against an undead ruler who brought everything he had known to ruin.

De Alliance be plan’ng an attack ain’t dey mon?” Ryu twitched, spinning on his heel, the scabbard of his Runeblade twisting around his body, with a fluid, practiced motion he reached up to grab the hilt in his dominant hand. The exposed blade met with bone, and stopped dead despite the Unholy strength coursing through it’s owner’s body.

Now now..dat not be necessary.” With a simple flick, Bwonsamdi wrenched the Runeblade from Ryu’s grip. “Not so long as you don’t be raising no dead..well, no dead trolls dey be mine..the rest..well dey not be my problem.”The Loa of Death grinned, as Ryu shook his head. “I did not expect a meeting with a Loa of all things.” Ryu looked towards his Runeblade, frowning..he didn’t like feeling defenseless against a powerful godlike being. “I heard you didn’t like Death Knights tramping around on your territory..”

The Loa floated in the air for a moment and shook his head. “No..no I do not, the dead here belong to me, not your little King freezing off his half burnt rump..” Ryu growled. “The only King I serve..is Anduin, Bolvar means nothing to me, I swore no oaths to him nor Arthas, and my Oath to Mograine was served the moment Bolvar made his choice, I am not here to raise any Trolls from the dead, I am just here to serve justice to the Horde for their crimes.

Oh ho ho..a free mon are you? I bet da Death Lord and da High Lord love ya for that, I wonda if I deliver you up to one of dem..if I could trade a few of my darkspear back..” Another flick of the a bone wrist and undead erupted from the swampy waters, spectral hands gripping at Ryu’s arms and legs, lacking his sword and unable to use his necromancy to counter he would have been at the Loa’s mercy, however, the cloak he wore and cherished..the connection to the relatively peaceful and happy life he lived all those years. White Lightning enfolded Ryu, arcing from his armor to the ghostly hands that were attempting grip at his body.

Oooh, De little cub blessed ye? You should have mentioned that before, da little cub gave Vol’jin a place to recover after Garrosh, If you be serving him it might be betta for you to be out killing some Horde yes? After all, dead or alive..dey be mine.” With that the Loa was gone, leaving Ryu covered in mud, his Runeblade half sunk in the swamp, and very confused as to what just happened.

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