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Crimson runes painted along the alabaster tub were eroded haplessly. Amidst the rouge waters, Sinara lifted a leg, carelessly staining the floor with diluted blood. Half-lidded eyes met a dime-sized puncture, clean through the flesh. The corner of her lip curled as a sneer marred her features.

A wooden bedside table with a platter of mauve gems was just out of reach. Water dripped off her wandering fingertips, followed by a lowly hiss from the aching pain she was met with. She pinched a sizable shard between her fingers and sunk back into the tub, rolling it deftly between each digit.

Illuminated silver hues peered back at her from within the clutches of the gem. Verdant tresses were messily strewn about, framing an aghast expression. “I remember you, little fawn.” Sickly sweet words poured forth from the bathing woman, twisted smile curving along her lips. “Will you do me the favor of a vocal performance?”

Sinara tugged upon the remaining essence of the adolescent Kaldorei. Sheer dread radiated from the soul shard, palpable and delicious, but it only partially sated her. It wasn’t until the melodious symphony of agonizing screams and nauseating giggles began its production that she felt indulged.

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By Sinara Cinderfall
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