Heresy - A story from the Perspective of Ercia's mum, shortly after the exile of her daughter from Ercia Bluewing's blog


“You’re late, you’re never late, is something wrong?” a deep voice speaks softly, coming from the darkest corner of the ruins. There’s a clear sense of worry lingering in the words that were spoken, something didn’t feel quite right.

Silence falls once more, standing just outside of the ruins Maercia’s gaze looks up towards the night sky in quiet contemplation an array of thoughts races through her mind. She took no pleasure in what she was about to do, but she had to or so she believed. “Our daughter, Ercia is dead,” her words were like a poisonous tipped dagger filled with lies and deceit.

Tero’than emerges from the ruins using his staff for support, he limps towards her to stand at her side. Visible now under the starlit sky, he stands tall with his lanky frame, his long white hair flows freely down his back brushed and well kept. Equally so is his beard that covers his face kept well trimmed. He wears a luxurious blue robe, covered in intricate yet stylised patterns.

There’s no reason for him not to believe the words that were spoken, not after the time he and her spent together after so many years. Yet something didn’t feel quite right, he could sense it, there’s more than death of his daughter playing at hand. He raises a hand to place it upon Maercia’s, intent on comforting her with a gentle squeeze. Only to be met by that cold shrug of hers.

“Aren’t you going to ask me why?” she spoke coldly towards him, turning to face his radiant golden eyes with her own silvery gaze. She gave him no time to respond, a well pointed finger hitting against his chest as she continues. “She practiced arcane in secret, or so she thought until she was found out and slaughtered for it. Perhaps they were right in doing so,” there’s no show of restraint or remorse in her words.

Tero’than frowns clenching his freehand into a fist, his grip around the staff tightening as he speaks “What do you mean it was the right thing to do. She was our daughter, our flesh and blood. I suppose that means it’d be right for me to persecuted and slaughtered too?” he glares at her, heart aching from the loss of losing a daughter he hardly knew and Maercia’s vile words.

She maintains a blank faced expression all throughout the anger displayed by Tero’than. She allows a moment to pass before speaking further “I’ve told you what you need to know and I’ve come here to warn you, we can’t do this any longer. You practice the magics I stand against, you stand by the people who shattered our world once already. I’ve lived this lie for too long, you should leave now because sooner or later you will be found and I will stand in the way of those that get their hands around you.”

Maercia takes a couple of hesitant steps forwards away from him and out into the woods. An itching temptation to glance over her shoulder, to spare him one last glance lingers about but she fights through it. She had to be strong, it has to be this way she kept repeating to herself in her mind. Once more the cold words slip through her mouth, “We’re done,” just like that thousand of years being together side by side were thrown aside by her hand. She murmurs softly to herself as she wanders away, “I once was blind but now am found. Forgive me for my lies and deceit, Elune. I will not hesitate to do the task myself next time.”

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By Ercia Bluewing
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