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"New Lands, New Opportunities Pt.5 - Finale"

The light of the blood moon shone through to a filthy cage that Rosinthel had been calling home for the past few months. There she lie among the stench and rot of fetid remnants of slaughtered corpses. She took every violent attack and insult hurled at her by both her captors as well as the whispers inside of her own head; at times caving in to the torment and honestly believing there to be truth in the degradation. Now belonging to the cruel and sadistic blood troll, Xanji, came with its benefits however. She might have been beaten, humiliated, used and abused day in and day out but she was well fed and her strength had returned to her.

With the Alliance and Horde landing attacks on Uldir, Xanji had been called out to investigate a curious commotion near the camp. Rosinthel sat up in her tiny prison, craning her neck as much as she could in attempt to see what the ordeal was. Her ear pricked at what sounded like a Gryphons cry in the distance. "Is that..." she whispered to herself before stopping short as an old voice broke through the void to remind her, All of your friends have abandoned you. Sealing her eyes shut, she shook her head firmly as if to shake the whispers from her mind. "No. That *IS* someone!"

It didn't take long for the commotion to turn into a full fledged attack as a rag tag group of Mercenaries plowed their way through the Blood Troll camp, laying down everything and one in their path. Rosinthel stirred in her kennel as the voices approached. All she could hear was gunfire and heavy thuds followed by "All Clear!" She put two and two together and realized they were exterminating every troll in the camp. No trolls meant no food and no way out of her cell. Frantically, she began to claw the the door to her cage in a feeble attempt to free herself.

Eventually one of the mercs made his way into the hut she was staying. Clad in heavy plate, he swung his sword in the direction of her movement, not having realized she was not a Blood Troll and indeed a captive. The sword smashed through the top corner of her sturdy wooden cage with a crushing blow and as he brought the massive blade back in the upswing he realized just how small his "target" was. Shocked, he quickly lowered his weapon and called out for backup, "I need backup, I've found a captive!" An older human male approached the door, surveyed the hut and pushed his way over to the filthy elf. "By the Light, what have they done to you my child?" he exclaimed as he set down his mace and drew his cloak around her body, covering her in attempt to preserve her modesty. Rosinthel just sat there in shock. It had been so long since she had been allowed to speak. She vaguely knew who these humans sided with, but she wasn't sure what to say or do. "Fetch a horse, lets get her back to Fort Victory." the older man commanded.

While the younger man rushed off to gather a horse, the older man sat with the terrified woman. He wrapped his arms around her in attempt to comfort her as they awaited transport. He was a stocky yet athletic man, in his late fifties perhaps with a short greying beard. Rosinthel felt a warmth radiating from him, a presence...the light. Its intensity hurt at first, but eventually became calming. The relaxing effect wouldn't last before a full mental assault of her mind commenced. This man is cloaked in lies and deceit. He will preach truth and order but he already set against you... She clenched up, as if to shut out the noise that only she could hear. The mans arms held her tighter, slowly rocking her in reassurance that everything was indeed, "alright" and they would be "home soon." As soon as the whispers begun they had stopped. The horses were ready.

The apparent Paladin had walked her outside where the younger man sat atop a sturdy black warhorse. Looking down to Rosinthel he explained, "You will ride with Killian. Do not be afraid, he will transport you safely to Fort Victory and from there you can rest and we can arrange passage back to the safety of Boralus. You are with friends now, no one will hurt you." He guided her over to Killian, picking her up to help her sit atop the Horse, in front of the younger man. His plate armor dug into her back the entire ride back to Fort Victory, but it hurt no more than what she had just spent months going through at the hands of Xanji. Killian attempted to make small talk on the ride, but Rosinthel wasn't able to focus on the conversation as much as the change in scenery and landscape.

They eventually arrived at the foothold by mid day and to her surprise there was a familiar face awaiting her. It was a face she had not seen in what felt like an eternity. A face that immediately snapped her out of her trance. A face that the whispers had screamed that had abandoned her...It was Nuala! The small elf bolted down from the horse, much to Killians surprise, and rushed towards the massive creature. "My love! My love, it really is you!" Rosinthel sobbed, the words now coming to her. The tigress let loose a roar as she ran into her Mistresses arms. The once inseperable pair were finally reunited.

"That is your beast then? You're Rosinthel Duskrunner! I heard of you back in Shatterstone Harbor. When your companion came back without you, we had all assumed the worst! Oh, thank the Light you are alive!" Killian exclaimed. "Hey everyone! Rosinthel Duskrunner is alive! Gather round, lets welcome her home!" Various people began to gather, bringing the elf clothing and food, showing her around the camp and helping her to settle in before the trip back to Kul Tiras. She was finally free and back in the welcoming embrace of the Alliance.


Epilogue: I know the ending seems rushed/sloppy and it unfortunately was. You see, the first few chapters of this piece were written during a very troubling and upsetting time in my life. It was a sense of therapy I suppose and a lot *has* changed in the past few months in my real life as well as IC. I have overcome my trauma in real life and in a twisted sense that made it very difficult to continue on with the ending that I had planned. I also lost RP partners that potentially could have made this a more suitable ending but then again, who is to say. Long story short, I lost my "muse". All characters mentioned aside from my character, Rosinthel, are completely fictitious.

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