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(This is taking place in Drustvar 5 years prior to present time.)

The mournful bellow of a lonely animal echoed through the silence of the trees. Huffing wind agitated the curtains of the tent as the pitter pattern sound of rain drops landed onto the structure of the tent and filled her ears. Looking around, she realized he was gone.

Her small frame slipped through the flaps of the tent and soon her boots stood in the middle of mud and water from earlier rainfall. Her sodden footfall carried her to the hill where she had caught a glimpse of him, now perched on the edge of it. With her fingers coiling into the fabric of the hood she wore, she tugged it over her dark hair, tucking away the now moist tresses and avoiding a dewy complexion. What she couldn’t avoid was a doleful countenance. Prior night had been cursed with death and she still wasn’t sure what she had witnessed; but what she was sure of was how the dark armored man was keeping things from her. Unsure of what to say, she stood besides him; lingering over him in silence beneath the now increasing force of the rainfall.

After a period of impinge rainfall that seeped into her garb, he finally spoke.

“Do you fear me?”

Confounded, Iselin canted her head to seek his gaze and what she met was sinister tempest. Bewildered, the normally feisty girl pondered the right words to reply. She hesitated; was such a question even remotely possible to answer correctly?

The whispering of the wind and recollection of dutiful words soothed her growing uneasiness. A glimpse of the robe clad man she had met earlier in Brennadam with the kind eyes flashed in her mind, he had promised her that there could be a different path for her, so she found her courage and replied at last.

“Lorian, is that really the first thing you will say to me after last night?”

She continued to look at him and almost bent under his steadfast gaze; in his eyes she could see corruption playing with his mind. The tales of sea monstrosities that pried into the depths of mortal minds, and manifested all that was pessimistic, was fatal. Iselin’s mother had warned her time and time again as a child. Now, its tale was being unraveled in front of her very own eyes. She parted her lips and a sound of doubt was made, but he interrupted her before could gather a distressed response.

“I will not ask again, Iselin. Do you fear me?”

She paused and then found her courage again through past words told.

“I do.”

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Dougles Lormire
Feb 15
This is beautifuly writen, the artistic detail of the scene sets the world perfectly. I love the details of Drustvar too, such a gloomy place and even better when it is raining.
Iselin Lansford
Feb 15
@Dougles Thanks! <3 That's very sweet. From one Tide character to another, I'm looking forward to see where their stories take us.
Lorian Driskel
Feb 17
;) I'll just leave this here, hun: https://rpfind.me/photo/view/22615/latest
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By Iselin Lansford
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