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"Quiet Contemplation"

Weeks had passed since her rescue from Nazmir and Rosinthel had finally made her way back to the Eastern Kingdoms. Not only had she found her way back to civilization, but she had been reunited with her stoic companion, a grand tigress named Nuala. The two eventually made their way to the Human capital of Stormwind and settled in near the graveyard, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The elf had typically kept to herself before the kidnapping, but now she withdrew much more.

Rosinthel ordered Nuala to stay behind near their makeshift camp as she did not want to draw any more attention to herself that she possibly already had. The already petite elf had still not regained her appetite and it was clearly obvious she was underweight and malnourished from her time abroad. Still, she had enough energy to make her way to the Cathedral park, where she sat alone...staring at the roses that climbed the trellis near the wedding gazebo.

"I hate Xanji...and yet I miss him..." she thought to herself, crinkling her nose in disgust at the passing thought. She let out a defeated sigh and hung her head, a lock of teal hair falling from the gold embroidered cowl she had been gifted by Killian before her departure from Nazmir. Killian had seemed like such a strong, good man. Someone that she herself could have seen herself with before Nazmir. Before...the Blood Trolls. Rosinthel brought her gloved hand to her face, catching a tear that she failed to hold back before inhaling sharply in attempt to regain her composure. "You have to move on..." she whispered.

It was then she was greeted by an all too familiar voice. A haunting voice that echoed and twisted in the deepest depths of her psyche. "You will never be able to move on," the voice purred, "I will never let you forget....'chil'." 'Chil', That one word struck her heart as the voice bellowed in maniacal laughter before fading away. Rosinthel was beginning to work herself up when she noticed a faint light peeking from under her hood. She quickly looked around to see if anyone could see her before she reached under her cowl to pull forth what looked to be a tentacle.

She ran her hand over it, pulling it softly only to realize it was connected to her...what was this? "Do you like it? The more you falter, the more you break, the more you show...no. The more *I* show. You have tried to hold me back far too long. Xanji never owned you, he simply broke you. You belong to me...and we are one. Ahhh yes, I think we shall come to make beautiful music together, you and I. I hope you enjoy this gift I have bestowed upon you..." Rosinthel quickly shoved the void tendril back under her cowl with a trembling hand and just like that, the voice echoed into darkness once again...

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