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It was a whisper from far, far away; breaking through the night like a calling, or summons. Or perhaps even an omen. However, the drugged girl could not open her eyes.

It persisted as if carried by a fleeting breeze or the waves of the sea. Just barely making it to the shore, licking rocky sand with success only to eventually be recalled to become one with the sea.


A sense of blackness. Like a grasp or a veil thrown over the blonde to wrap her in a cocoon and detach her from the world around her, to keep her asleep and lost in dreams. No, that wasn’t right either; she was not sleeping. There was only a constant limbo. A haze, but even in that, she could see one thing.

Only days ago she had awoken to a shallow gasp, straining to obtain bitterly cold air into her lungs. The girl’s eyes had been wide, in a state of shock with her form pinned to the rocky surface of the cliffs. In one of her slender hands, Kalisia had tightly held on to an arrow, its head giving off a dying light. In her mind, she could still see the leaf that had slowly drifted from the canopy above, gliding next to her but only after gently brushing against her cheek in a mocking caress.

Her tightly closed fist yanked the arrow from her chest and when she opened her fingers, it rolled free. It stopped next to the leaf where the final pulses of light were released; the glow that had once shone so brightly faded into nothing. That was the first time the voice had revealed itself to her, whispering harsh truths and blatant lies. A blurry image of a woman dressed in dark materialized and Kalisia could see the woman pull free a rune stone. It carried markings illuminated by powerful enchantments, but she remembered no more.


She moved her hand to the gem that hang from her necklace; the weight of its silver prison was vividly felt against her knuckles when they made contact. New images danced in her mind, this time it was her mother speaking words she couldn’t understand. But one thing Kalisia knew; mother and daughter would never reunite again.

It was only then that she opened her eyes.

Smoldering ashes lay around the candles that had been set in a circle around her. A sickly scent of various herbs blanketed her as incense clouded the air. Heavy as if rocks had filled her head, she turned her face in search for some food or a drink. A half-empty wine bottle that sat upon the ground next to her caught her sight. Reaching out a shaky arm, the girl accidentally tipped the bottle over, causing the red liquid to spill out across the concrete floor as the bottle rolled further from her reach. A pool of what could be mistaken as blood formed, drawing only a weak sigh.

Hunger and thirst soon eluded her when her mind made another tug; Kalisia wasn’t sure of how long she had laid there or how long it had been since anyone had been in the chamber. She glanced at the lit candles and just as she fell into a dreamless state again, all she could see were the flashes of holy fire.

Even when lost in limbo, his face was clear through searing pain. For reasons beyond Kalisia, he had kept focusing her the entire night, perhaps having seen her to be nothing more than an apprentice; the weak link. Her misfortune had been so great that she had to taste the wrath he held for all of her kin for what seemed to be no end.

She wasn’t sure how much more time had passed but the next time Kalisia had clarity of mind, she somehow found herself on the alcove of the fallen manor.

The ill wind blew, carrying with it dust and the scent of rotting leaves. Somewhere far away, the last light of the sun was shining above trees but this was not the case in the gloomy region of Drustvar. The branches on the trees around her were sharp, rising naked and menacing to skies bereft of radiance. The destiny of all life in Drustvar was to perish and it somehow made her weakly smile. In a tragic way, she found it romantic. It was the untold truth of life, one of the fundamental rules of the cosmos.


She shuddered; the voice did not let her rest. It did not let her forget. It pushed her inside the manor, towards the tome she kept stashed away – demanding nothing less than the shed of the light-bringer's blood.

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The Wall

Lorian Driskel
Mar 10
Very nice read. Looking forward to meeting this little lady
Kalisia Ashcraft
Mar 10
@Lorian She is a little tied up atm but time will show :)
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