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Did you know the Grand Bazaar is often filled with vagrants? Perhaps you've turned a blind eye while you've been chatting with merchants, but I could not. I happened upon a couple - I'm not sure if they were friends or lovers - sitting on a high perch overlooking the sea. They looked tired and hopeless as they sipped from dirty flasks. I don't know what they were drinking; I didn't ask.

As I stared at them I felt guilty. Here I'd just walked out of a shop after buying a some dried mango and jungle sunfruit to mail to some friends. I stared down at the sack I carried - full of luxuries these people probably couldn't afford. I almost handed the sack to them, but thought better of it. Instead, I sat down with them for a few moments and carried on as much polite conversation as I could. I'm still learning the language, of course, and they do not speak Orcish let alone Pandaren.

After a few minutes I reached into my hidden pouch and pulled out some coin. Their eyes lit up like a Sunwalker calling down the blessing of An'she! They could hardly believe it as I pressed a few golden coins into each of their palms. They kept shaking their heads at me in disbelief. "Keep it," I assured them, "you deserve it."

They smiled at me - at which point I noticed that the male had a mouth full of missing and rotted teeth. While his teeth were just another reminder of the sad tale their lives must be, I felt blessed to be able to bring an honest smile to their faces. How long has it been since someone else sat down to chat with them? How long has it been since someone offered them any sort of aid? Oh, I know the children in this area can be troublesome for merchants, but...oh, do have a heart, people!

We ended up walking down to a small tent selling food, where we sat and ate a meal together. They insisted on paying with the coins I'd gave them and I reluctantly agreed. Once our food was served I expected them to gobble their food mercilessly, but was surprised to see they paced themselves and took care not to create a mess. The sparkle in their eyes as we munched on (very spicy) ribs was all the thanks I needed.

I am quite pleased to have made two new friends today and I plan to enjoy another afternoon with them on future visits to the bazaar.

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By Nissha Brightblossom
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