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It was pouring down rain on the night of where I lost my voice. I would rather have had my voice be drowned out by the downpour of the rain than lose it forever. Our party arrived at the ruins of Nym to study a tablet there for a necklace that I had gotten from my parents. The necklace, I believed, had ties to the Nym's secret in how they did so well with small squads with Marauders. How I was ever so wrong.

Tora, Genesis, and I had arrived at the tablet and as I sat down to start transcribing, this great hulking body of rocks rose up. A guardian protecting the Nymian secrets was there to stop me from transcribing and so my team mates got to work to stop it and protect me. Genesis got taken over by a sort of battle frenzy and grew blood lust in middle of the combat and got taken advantage of as the golem entombed him in a deadly grip. The deadly grip tightened more and more based on the aether you produce, which he was emitting a lot from his anger.

I yelled at the top of my lungs over the rain for him to calm down and told Tora to rip out the stone core in the middle of the golem. Once she did, the golem fell apart into rubble before the stone core glew brightly and the tomb flipped over to her. Little did I know, she suffered from claustrophobia and was panicking at all hells, I quickly finished the translation and realized it was something to stop the security system. I sprinted over to the ground and drew a dirt circle and quietly cast a spell and made a barrier around me to stop any incoming rocks. I yelled at Tora to let go of the core, even though it would greatly injure me from the amount of aether that would be produced. She refused because she would rather sacrifice herself than see others hurt to help her out, but sometimes you just need to look out for yourself. With that, I told Genesis to yank the core out of her hand and toss it to me, which he did. I let the core float above my book as I read out the passage in Nym, rocks flew and banged on the barrier and suddenly the core just shattered into pebbles. It was silent for a moment after Tora's tomb was broken and then it happened.

I checked myself out and noticed no damage caused to me and I felt very confused as to where the aether went until I felt a sudden surge of aether from my necklace. My voice started to become constrained and squeezed tightly shut and along with it, my breath support. I ripped the necklace from underneath my armor as I was having trouble breathing and tried to smash the gem but I was severely weakened from the spell. Genesis came over and smashed it with his hand as I gasped for air, I saw Tora crawling over here, damaged from the tomb. I frowned at the sight of seeing Tora struggling so much but as she approached me, I felt relieved to see her safe.

I opened my mouth to thank her but... No voice came out? I tried to clear my throat and speak again but no sound emitt at all, I began to panic in mute silence as my brain just kind of shut down and I spaced out. My team mates took me after I wrote down on paper what the problem was back to the infirmary back at my Free Company's base. I don't know what I'll do but not having my voice is torture and it's one of the things I had a lot of passion in. If I hadn't put this stupid false hope into the dumb necklace this wouldn't be a problem in the first place. I'm going to give up on being an Arcanist and train as a shinobi under Tora. I haven't brought it up to her yet but I would really like to learn about the mudras she was taught as well, at least I can put my silence to some use.

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By Aelwin Sinclair
Added Mar 27 '19



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