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With great ferocity, she invades Father’s study— heavy, hand carved doors swinging wildly at her flank, rumbling like thunder throughout the manor and framing the stage for what surely is to become a confrontation.

“It was you,” she accuses, standing with his desk to part them, the venerable man across from her yet settled into a high-back chair; unbothered.

“What was me, daughter?” He asks, knowing full well to what she refers, eyes yet locked upon a paper of particular interest.

“You dissolved the agreement! How could you? Mother would’ve—“

“Mother is dead,” Father interrupts and reminds, rising from his seat. He is paying attention now.

“You can’t just do this, you can’t just unravel all this work! She wantedto marry him!” Daughter is furious, for Father has meddled in older Sister’s betrothal, and now there is no wedding to plan.

With a great swiftness, Father reminds his youngest of her exact standing in the family. It’s a violent action, he rounds his table and threatens to prey upon her, wraps Daughter’s golden hair into a first, jerks her back harshly. It hurts and she winces.

“You forget your place,” he reminds darkly, forcing her eyes to his, idle digits strong on her neck and jaw. She cannot look away, he will not let her. “You are currency. Every dance lesson, ever linguistics class, every music tutor is an investment I’ve made in the legacy of THISfamily. I will not allow you orher to throw it away on some nobleman’s second son. I will reap my rewards and you will fall. in. line. There is a pause to father, a sigh.

“You disappoint me,” he finally adds, throws Daughter away like trash soon after.

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