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It's easier this way. Forming meaningful connections just made it more difficult to deal with loss should they perish within this unforgiving world, which is why it has become common to see Maercia alone in recent years. Were she not fighting on the field of battle, or praying to Elune, she was found settled to silence with her cold dagger stare pointed towards any who approached her.

Tonight struck a nerve within her, steps weighed down by her cold resentful heart leading her towards the outskirts of Feathermoon Stronghold. Seeking to get away from others, particularly her past mistake; Tero’than. She kept repeating this to herself, hoping to convince herself into believing the lie, that he was a mistake. Her true feelings betrayed her, deep within part of her still longed for his warm loving embrace.

When they first met his mysticism had a certain charm that enticed her. It’s often her patrols would take her past his enchantment shop. It’s there it all began, the persistent man. Putting on a display of beautifully crafted illusions for her eyes only in an attempt to bedazzle her, it worked. It brought a smile to her face at the time, the mere thought of it now came with a crushing pain to her chest. How foolish she was to have fallen for it. If only she knew there then the nature of such magic, the pain and misery it’d bring with it. Perhaps she might have been less inclined to take his hand.

She’s given him the benefit of the doubt for too long, hiding him away from the rest of her kin for the years after. Forcing something that’d ultimately wouldn’t work, even having children together. She could never tell them who their father really was, although part of her knew some of them might have already figured it out. She should have left him after the sundering, moved on. It’d be easier for both of them. Instead she’s faced with the fact that he's long since lost himself in the pursuit of arcane.

It breaks her heart to see their- No. His daughter following in his footsteps. It’s a path of self-assured destruction, with only a matter of time before it all backfires. She hoped that lying to him about Ercia, might have been better off for her. She could have returned having given up her heinous ways of arcane. Completing her studies as a priestess, following in the steps of her mother as a disciple of Elune. It’s out of her hands now, there’s nothing she could do, all that is left is too cut off ties from them leaving in the hands of their goddess.

In a moment of weakness, her anger softened into sorrow a tear rolling down the cheek of the battle-hardened elf. ‘I won’t fail you next time, either of you. I will release you from this curse, I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me,’raising her hand to wipe away the tears. It’s time she enacted upon her words, she’s stayed her hand long enough. “Zin-al-Elune.”

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By Maercia Bluewing
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