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The silence of Feralas brought no comfort to Maercia, the inhabitants of it had long since gone to rest their head or perhaps they knew something wasn’t right. Each step brought her closer to her first mistake. ‘Zin-al-Elune’, those words she had recently spoken aloud repeat within her mind. She reeks of desperation, hopelessly seeking for some justification through those words.

Try as much as she could, it did not make it any easier for her at all. Thoughts always travelling back towards the time they spent together with each other. What was it all for if not for nothing. ‘No, this has to be a test’, Elune has put this before her or so she chose to believe. She wants to see how truly devoted she is to her. How willing she is to abandon the things she cherish, for the greater good. ‘He’ll understand, it’s for the greater good. Sacrifices need to be made, he’s but one of many. This to preserve the balance of all things.’ Her gaze flickers about in search of someone that may come with the right words to fix it all or perhaps just end it.

For thousands of years she locked her fears, hopes and desires away. Twisting and shaping her own mind into one that blindingly serves her people and most importantly Elune. Denying herself any happiness at all, forming wedges in between herself and potentially meaningful connections at all. Yet in this one moment it all came bursting out, in this the toughest decision she’s made through all her life. Her hands shaking, stern faced expression saddened. She felt as if someone had found the key and opened pandora’s box. She could not allow herself to break. Not now, not ever.

Her anxiety crept up, relentless despite her efforts to steer from it. It sought to choke her and reduce her to a feeble elf. She closes her eyes taking deep breaths to deter her thoughts away from it all. Reminding herself that the past is the past, slowly but surely she comes to a clamer state of mind. Focus settles on the here and now, her left hand reaches for her bow with a tightened grip and the right for an arrow from her quiver.

This is, she stands on the outskirts of Feathermoon Stronghold. She moves closer towards the edge, darkened gaze glancing over it all. Even so through the wedge she’s placed between herself and Tero’than she knew him well, sooner or later he’d step out from the safety of the stronghold for a walk of his own. Emotions set high for both of them, it’s likely he’d need some breathing room too. She positions herself from a point she couldn’t be seen right away, but well enough to be noticed when the blow is struck.

Lips stained with the remnants of a steadying drink, Tero’than begins his slow walk out of the stronghold. Misery weighs heavily on his face - He’s aged. They both have. He replays the conversation with Maercia over and over in his mind, looking for some sign, some way he could have turned the tide and changed her mind. Perhaps he was too vicious with her? Too angry?

It was deserved anger. To have lied to him about something so important, so fundamental, for so, so long. To have destroyed not only his life, but their child’s too? No one ought to endure that without anger. Forgiveness, he thinks, is a journey. Not a destination to suddenly arrive at. And he was… He was so willing to forgive her.

He sighs and pauses to pinch the bridge of his nose, then walks onward up the road.

There she is, awaiting for just a glimpse of the man. Forgiveness is not on her agenda tonight, righting the wrongs were. She hears the faintest movement approach, arrow pulled back and bow pointed in the only direction he could come in. There he is, in that moment her heart froze. She let the arrow go free as she stares him right in the eyes, “This is for your own good.”

For Tero’than, it happens with a speed that leaves him behind. Maercia’s eyes, her words, and then the arrow sticking out of his shoulder. No pain, not yet, just numb shock. Then the instincts honed upon battlefields the world over kick in. With a swirl of robes, his hands trace patterns of power through the air, and he throws an arcane missile toward his attacker. His mate.

And then stops it.

It hovers in the space between them, humming in the air, as the pain kicks in and sweat breaks out on Tero’than’s brow. He can feel blood beginning a slow descent down his chest but he keeps a hand outstretched and holds the shard of furious energy in place.

“I never would. Do you understand? Never.”

Maercia does not move, the arrow hits its mark and with it her message. Slight hints of disdain washes over her face seeing that flicker of arcane energy flicker between them. ‘What are you doing, finish him!’ a hand reaches for another arrow, speaking aloud “I’m willing to make sacrifices.”

She brought it towards the bow precision is the key, fingers pull the string back aimed towards him. ‘Do it. For Elune, for your kin,’ she holds it there, her body locked in a disagreement with her mind.

“Go on. Do it,” said Tero’than. He spreads his arms, a crimson stain visible now.
She couldn’t do it. She couldn’t finish him, she hated herself for it. Weak.

“Let this serve as a warning,” shifting her aim from the chest towards his left foot, she let the arrow go loose. Heart pounding heavily, she locks her gaze with his waiting to see what might come from it. Time appears to slow down around her as it travels through the air.

She doesn’t get to find out. Tero’than is gone, vanished, before the arrow even hits the ground.

She curses beneath her breath, ‘this is not over’.

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By Maercia Bluewing
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