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She watched the large form of Grim'Un launch through the air, swords drawn and glinting in the late afternoon sun. Breath was caught within her chest, exhaled only when he crashed into the awaiting body of the Suntouched Amathet. Perhaps the sound of the bodies colliding startled her, or perhaps it was seeing him land safely was what freed the breath from her lungs into the greedy winds of the desert.

"Do be careful Sir!" she cried, hoping he could hear her across the twenty feet of expanse between them- which was slowly becoming less as she ran, the little bell on her ankle jingling softly.

Stopping short, ten feet away she grunted and thrust her arms into the air uttering many sharply whispered words in Darnassian, which made her hands glow ripe with healing magics.

Grim'Un's wounds healed and he glanced back at the small druidess over his shoulder gratefully. She was no taller than an average human woman, thin as a twig, weak as a kitten... but she had all the fire and tenacity of those in their family.

As he continued to slash and black the Amathet's attacks, Shari continued the healers dance from a safe distance, weaving her arms and twisting her body for each critical spell, her long teal colored hair flying wildly about her. Every so often the enemy snarled and focused on her despite the burly warrior's taunts and shouts, sending blazing hot swirls of sun magic at her.

Squeaking she jerked to the side and accidentally stepped on the corner of her robe which sent her unceremoniously into the sand. Coughing she squinted against the kicked up sand as it sparkled over her prone form.

"Die you big ugly!" The warrior screamed leaping between the enemy and the druidess, swords crossed to block a blazing blast of light.

He was launched backward, over the woman, howling all the way until he too landed in the sand. Scrambling to her feet she thrust out her hand in the direction of the Suntouched and let out a cry summoning a Solar Beam down upon him which blinded him and stole his voice momentarily.

Before she knew what was happening, Grim had jerked her to her feet as if she weighed nothing more than a feather, and was barreling into the creature, sending it for its turn flying backward.

Knuckling at her freckled cheek she inhaled a calming breath and enveloped her friend in healing energies just as he delivered the killing blow.

Panting heavily, with tendrils of dark hair plastered to his forehead he rewarded Shari with a pleased smile, "Great work!"

Trotting up to him to look him over one last time to ensure he was not injured she twisted a toe into the sand shyly, "You did all the hard work Sir."

"And it was your healing that helped me to do it. So..." he knelt and plucked a writ out of the Suntouched's pocket, tossing it to her. "Great work."

Catching the golden item she giggled and bowed her head, "Thank you Sir."

Grim cast a tired, yet determined look out over the wind swept dunes before offering her a lopsided smile. "Only.... eight?... more to go?" Laughing and shaking his head he called his great red drake to his side.

Shari bobbed her head happily, soon finding flight to follow him.

((Just another day hanging out with a dear guildie doing those annoying quests...))

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