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Another morning, another day at being an aetherologist. Today the company was short on staff so I had to go near the Wanderer's Palace to take some samples of the aether around there. The Wanderer's Palace interest me though, I've always wanted to go inside, I've been learning new things about a long forgotten society called Nym and a lot of the books I've read has some relation to Wanderer's Palace but nothing directly about it. I'm sure that Wanderer's Palace holds some secrets about Nym- I'm getting out of hand, I'm just here to collect the aether signatures in the area and go back to the company.

As I take out my aether reader and look around while writing down the levels of the aether into my notebook until I hear a faint bell ringing. I shrug it off as there's some children nearby and they are probably just playing with some bells but I hear it again and take a closer look at the children. None of them are holding bells, how odd. Now the sound of a child sobbing is coming into my ear, what is going on? I take a look at the aether and I suddenly see a faint yellow trail of aether leading towards the boat, the boat that leads to the Wanderer's Palace. The child crying is getting louder, I am positive that it's coming from the Wanderer's Palace, I need to investigate for both the child in danger and for my curiosity of Wanderer's Palace.

I stroll over to the boat and start rowing myself to the Wanderer's Palace. I look over and see my small arms trembling and suddenly I am becoming aware of my feelings. Nervousness, fear, curiosity, and all kinds of emotions just crash into me, this place could be my tomb but it could also be this child's tomb if I don't do anything. I arrive at the palace and carefully step out of the boat, making sure not to slip off the dock, I stroll up to the rustic gates and push it open with a creak and step foot into the palace.

The second I step into the palace, corrupt aether swallows me whole, I feel like it's incredibly hard to breathe. I put on my aether reader and the amount of corrupt aether in here is all the way up to the brim, it might as well be the same thing as breathing in smog. With a gulp I move forward, as I look at the wall, I brush my hand against the wall seeing a couple of runes written on the wall right as I was about to write them down, the child was crying in my ear once again, a grave reminder that I needed to keep going. I encounter a stash of bags and inside of it, it seems like there is some voidsent blood, sulfur, and salt. If I had to take an educated guess, it was things used in a ritual with voidsent blood, could the... Lambs of Dalamud be behind the corrupt aether here? The bag is recently smoking meaning that they may just be here, torturing that child! I stood up and turned around to be face to face with an imp conjuring a ice spike that sent it flying towards me. I jumped out of the way, skidding my face across the floor and quickly dragged out my grimoire, almost dropping it. I weave the aether in the area around my finger creating a ball of condensed aether and send it flying towards the imp. Before the imp could react I quickly whipped up another one and chucked it at the imp again. The imp was sent flying into a spike in the wall and melted into a pool of void aspected aether. I shudder and put my book away right as the child was screaming for help. I don't try to investigate the imp and run towards the child.

I turn the corner and see three robed figures all channeling some concentrated corrupt aether into a shiny ball of aether. I stood paralyzed in fear as I witnessed the scene, I'm no fighter, I could barely pull my grimoire out against that imp, how can I take on a group of cultists? The child began sobbing and pleading for help, the screams echoing in my head. I have to do something, I need to move my feet. I break out of my self-inflicted spell and move my feet mindlessly and break into a sprint. As I am running I send my in front of me, balancing it with my aether and start to cast a circle of aether around the glowing orb and close it with a loud clap. All the cultists around the orb get knocked back and stand in astonishment as I make a mad dash for the orb and suddenly a dome of light surrounded me and the orb. My eyes adjust to the light and it looks like a faerie from fairy tales, they speak to me in a light voice. "Thank you! I was just on the verge of breaking into their torture. But we're kind of in a bad situation now." They looked around and each movement gave of a light bell ring. I wonder to myself how we would make it out of here as well, I didn't think this far ahead, I kind of just collapsed on the ground and curled into a ball, on the verge of crying. I never come into situations like this without thinking, what do we do? We're both going to die here now.

"I know you came in here recklessly but don't worry, I have a plan. But I need your aether with me, but if you do this, we'll be bound forever. How about you answer a faerie's plea and save both of us from here?" I looked up at the fairy, wiping my eyes. They were holding out their tiny hand to me and I nodded, shaking their hand with my thumb, the moment we touched hands the dome surged with more light and became stronger and just then I noticed the sound of spells slamming against the dome. The three robed figures had summoned more imps and they were flinging ice and aether balls at the dome, thunking it and cracking it slowly. I kept surging aether into the faerie as they were trying to cast a spell. Thunk, crack, thunk, crack, thunk, crack. The sound horrified me as I know just one of those spells could crack the dome and kill us both instantly and right as my fears were confirmed and the ice crashes the dome and shatters it to pieces. The ice flies towards my face and I cover my face with my hands.

I lower my face after not feeling the pain of an ice spike puncturing my face and look around. We were back out in La Noscea and I break out in tears of relief and the faerie speaks to me, "It's ok, I know you were afraid, but we're safe now. We're linked now, which goes as far as to me being able to read your mind and talk to you through our aetheric connection." I looked up to the faerie with a smile and wiped my eyes and looked back over to the Wanderer's Palace, no longer emitting the echo of a faerie.

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By Aelwin Sinclair
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