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Nothing but darkness enveloped the cell. It felt like a place without time, Maercia didn’t have any clue how many days, weeks or months went by. It served as a constant reminder of the betrayal from her kin. They abandoned her and severed her connection from Elune or so they might have her believe,but she knew better.

‘Elune is with me.’

They were not going to break her spirit this easy. Not whilst she still lived. Rattling sounds of chains filled the room in mocking song as she clasped her hands in prayer. Left alone with nothing but her prayers to fill the void once more.

‘Elune is with me, and I with her.’

If only they could understand that she’s doing it all for them. How much more much must they suffer before their eyes are open to the truth of it all? Sacrifices had to be made in order to root out the evil that taints them so that their wounds may mend.

‘Elune gives me strength, and I give her my devotion.’

How ironic that they sought to lock her away. It is they who are shackled down by the deceit that blinds them and temptation that weakens their soul. How many tragedies did they have to suffer before they finally set themselves free and see the truth of it all she asked herself once more.

‘Elune guides me, and I follow.’

She didn’t feel any worry or fear, only confidence. The seeds had already been sown. Others out there continue to push and enact Elune’s will. They continue to spread the message through blood, sweat and tears.Sacrifices.

‘Elune will set us free.’
A sudden light pierced the darkness within the room, it seized Maercia’s attention as she opened her eyes. Squinting in its direction struggling but forcing herself to do so, wishing that it were a message from Elune herself answering her prayers. The sudden sound of footsteps bounced across the walls as they reached closer to her, until they came to a sudden halt.

She could only just make out an image of the person standing before, gradually becoming accustomed to light once more. It’s a Warden. Maercia was curious in the visit though she did not speak, and nor did her visitor. She followed the actions of the Warden, watching as she opened her cell. Stepping within she approached Maercia without any hesitation at all. There’s a pause as the two finally meet eye to eye, Maercia’s looked at her from the ground and the Warden down at her. The Warden gave her a subtle nod in acknowledgement.
“Elune is with us,” Maercia spoke for the first time in awhile.

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By Maercia Bluewing
Added Jul 28


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