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Argus, throne of the Burning Legion, and former home of the Draenei looms overhead. Through Illidan's reckless actions, one of the most dangerous places in the known universe is just a short distance away. Thus far, it has been claimed to have been a part of Illidan's plan, though I have my doubts. All of Illidan's actions just seem to be a series of accidents, which sometimes work out in his favor. Now, we are faced with an important task, perhaps the most important one we will ever face, or at leas the most important in my own life time, what little might be left of it.

The Draenei are preparing a means to reach Argus, no doubt by some salvaged construct from the Exodar, or another Naaru vessel pulled from the depths of the nether. Once there, we will be meeting with the Army of the Light, our first true glimpse of their force. Thus far, only a single agent has been met on Azeroth, along with messages from their supreme commander, Turalyon.Missing since the second war, and the destruction of Draenor, Turalyon has certainly been busy. I cannot yet say how much of a roll he and his army will play, but undoubtedly, they will be the help we truly need, while facing the threats of Argus.

I am prepared to join in the attack on Argus, even though I might not return. It is a risk I take every time I step onto the field, but this, is different. Outland an dhte Alternate Draenor were relatively anchored to Azeroth, and while dangerous, had strogn local forces established, which were more or les son our side. Argus however, is the capital of the Burning Legion. A blasted and damned world, little more then a rotting fel-infested husk. This time, there is too strong of a chance of not returning. As such, I have had to make a greater number of plans then usual. My adjutant will be remaining behind this time. I have given him instructions on what to do, if I do not return. He is already well aware of the situation, and will reluctantly remain behind.

In these final hours, I am nothing but prepared for the journey. My armor is prepared, and well blessed. My blade is sharp, and my shield sturdy. I am now prepared, for what will be the last campaign against the Legion. No matter the cost, we must succeed here on Argus, and cut off the head of the Burning legion once and for all. I cannot say what that shall entail, but what ever it might be, our efforts will be fierce.

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By Exsus Davon
Added Aug 28 '17



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