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((Contains scenes of pillaging, light injury, and the relatively sfw seduction of fel))

She was back there again. Dark shadows reaching out to whip at her face and arms, small stinging cuts slashed back and forth across dark-violet flesh. Brambles caught and ripped at her simple shift, leaving the already thin nightgown useless in protecting the young woman from the cold air of the night. Twigs snagged in jet black hair, her horns constantly catching in the branches to yank her limited vision off target. As her hooves dig into the damp earth sending clods of grass and muck flying behind her, she found herself tripping constantly over exposed roots as she attempted to hastily navigate the normally familiar forest in the dead of night.

She was far enough away now that her heavy breathing and the sound of heart beats in her ears drown out the distant cacophony of combat, of people dying, of family left behind. She was alone, running, fleeing for her life. The sound of personal distress and physical exhaustion met with only the terrified commands of her mother, repeating in the back of her mind. She could still hear the voice, laced with uncertainty, the familiar rich reverberating speech of her people.


It was a whisper in the night, chasing her through the dark forests of her homeland. Just herself, terrified out of her mind, and the desperate pleas of her mother edging her faster through the underbrush, fleeing the warband now ransacking her home. There was no time to question. The questions would come later, why had the natives suddenly turned hostile, and where did they get all these tools of war? The night sky had turned red as fire rained down on their village, she didn't have to look back to know little would be left standing... There was not time to look back, looking back meant she wasn't looking forward, and if you weren't lo-


A hoof caught in an upturned root, twisting a knee and sending the young Draenei tumbling into a thorny bush. This was different, this hasn't happened all the other times. She was supposed to make it to the lake, to flee, find others, survive as a refugee far from the horrors of the war. This time, innocence was not to be preserved. Alii could feel the presence of another, forcing shivers down her spine from the nape of her neck to the tip of her tail. She swallowed hard, freezing in place and holding to the hope that whoever it was might not have seen her stumble into the bushes.

The stench hit her first, the girl's nose curling in response to the mixture of sweat, blood, and feral musk. The monstrosity of a wolf prowled around the thicket, the hulking silhouette of rider and beast made ever more menacing by the lack of discernible features. She wanted to cry, to beg, plead to the light to save her, but Alii was smart enough to know now was a moment to hold her tongue.The light would not be with her now. The rider dismounted, a hulking orc made for war. The dim moonlight washed briefly across his features as smoke from the burning village cleared momentarily.

He was brutish, a wall of primal muscle barely contained by the hammered metal plating he called armor. His weapon remained slung alongside his saddle, within reach of arms thicker than tree trunks. His body shifted, his strength evident from the simplest of movements. Muscles rippled across his barely clothed form as this primal warrior sniffed at the air, searching out the prey he knew existed. Another shiver ran through her, her mind raced. Was it fear, the cold of the night air against her barely clothed form, or something else that coursed through her as she watched him from her hiding spot?

Soon it wouldn't matter, if she kept up this shaking, he would see her in no time at all. The orc froze in place, his piercing eyes burning holes into her. Fear took over and she couldn't move. The moment of indecision cost her, and the last sensible thought to pass through her mind was the recurring voice telling her -this wasn't how things were supposed to happen.- If she had been given a moment, she would have dismissed the thought as commonplace. Something everyone said when the unthinkable happened to them, the true warning lost on her. She didn't have a moment to dismiss the thought, however, as it was suddenly, and forcefully, shoved from her mind. The warrior had pounced, both hands shoved into the underbrush, clawing at the young woman.

Her screams suddenly filled up the night air, now she pleaded, now she begged for help that wouldn't come. She wasn't a fighter, she had no way to fend off someone who had arms thicker than her waist! She kicked, suspended by the sharp thorns that tore into her skin and reduced her shift to shreds of cloth. She kicked again, while not a fighter, she was a runner, and what better defense did a runner have than a swift kick from a sharp hoof? She landed a blow square on the orc's jaw, sending him stumbling back a few feet from the bush.

The young woman spun, trying to claw her way out of the bramble patch in the direction opposite of the man accosting her. Now was her chance. He would never make it into the thick underbrush, she could escape and hide until he gave up. She knew these woods, she could loose him if she stayed focused. It was at that point she realized her right hoof was immobilized, and she was suddenly sliding backwards through the thick, thorny branches. The orc had all but dove into the bush, barely catching one ankle before she had escaped, and now it was over. She kicked wildly once more, hoping and praying to the light she could daze him again, but it was to no avail.

This warrior was no fool, and petty tricks seldom worked more than once on his kind. Her mind raced, disorganized thoughts running loops in her head as she searched for any idea of how to escape. Her training would be no good in such a frantic state, bad things happened when she did magic while her emotions were out of control. Still, she had to try. Alii mustered all her willpower, pouring her focus into casting a single spell. One she knew well, one that might still save her. Suddenly the orc's hands were no longer filed with the flesh of a Draenie squirming to escape, but empty air.

He was confused by her sudden disappearance...She was ecstatic, on the other hand, her form coalescing back into existence behind the broad shouldered orc. Now she could slip away unnoticed. She took one step and white hot pain shot through her. The worg! How could she have forgotten about that slavering mutt the Orc had rode in on? Thick fangs sank deep into her thigh as Alii's mouth shot open to scream. No sound escaped her lungs, as she slipped quickly into shock.The wolf flipped back it's neck, releasing the grip it held on her as she was sent tumbling into the air.

End over end she spun, her vision swimming before she landed hard on a shoulder with a crack. Bone shattered, or dislocated, she wasn't sure, her existence in that moment was nothing but pain. She tasted bile in her mouth, and felt nothing but agony radiating from her injuries. Fear kept her eyes screwed shut, unable to risk the chance of looking and seeing just how bad the her limbs were.

The ground shook as the Orc approached her nubile, broken form. She curled into a ball, half in an attempt at modesty, and half at trying desperately to wish everything away. It was no use. She felt worthless as thick fingers, calloused from war, wrapped around her slender neck and hoisted her into the air. Hoofed feet dangled worthlessly above the ground as she gasped for air, clawing at the orc's forearm in a futile attempt at freedom. She heard his rough voice, the guttural sounds of his people. She did not know their tongue, but somehow, she could hear his words clearly in her head.

"Too small for fighting pits, too weak for mines. Perhaps I'll get a leash and keep this one for myself. My very own goat-whore to cook and clean."

The laughter that followed needed no translation for her to understand the cruelty and malice held within. But it was short lived, as a sickening green flame engulfed her vision. The laughter turned to screams of torment as her captor was suddenly fuel for whatever dark magics were at work. She knew the stories, her parents had told of the fel and those that hunted their people, but never before had she seen the awesome destructive power first hand. The green flame flowed over the Orc like water, leaving black-charred bone in its wake. She fell to the ground in a heap, ready to accept her fate as the fire flicked it's way towards her. The sick smell of burning fur caught her nose as the worg howled out its own demise.

There was no time to celebrate as abject terror consumed her. Before her very eyes the forest of her home was engulfed in flame and reduced to ash. Nothing was left standing as the felfire washed over her form. She expected untold agony, but what she felt was far, far different. The pain of the felmagic seeped into her, searing her nerves with intense throbbing torment. She opened her mouth to scream, but a heady moan escaped her throat instead. She found herself writhing through the ash, her head swimming in bliss as the seductive power of magic coursed through her veins. It dug itself deep into her core, and all she could do was clench until it suddenly stopped.

She felt lighter, able to rise from the ash that covered her battered form, breaking through the destruction that surrounded her in every direction. The land was barren, a dunes of black ash and smoldering green embers. On the horizon, an inferno of sick flame raged unending, but her attention was drawn elsewhere. In the distance stood a lone figure, cloaked in shadow and silhouetted by felfire. She was drawn... A hand stretched out for her, beckoning her close. She was compelled... One hoof in front of the other, her wounds seemingly healed, she pressed towards the shadowy figure, making her way through the wastes of her former home. Every step she made towards the unknown figure, she heard once more the voice of her mother


But it was too much. She wanted that feeling again, the unbridled bliss and ecstasy granted to her by the green fire. She made it to the figure, and they moved to pull back their hood. Anticipation built inside of her as she searched through the shadows for a face, then she heard them speak. "ALIISHAA!!! Wake up you LAZY girl!" The Draenie jolted up in her seat, snapped out of her... Dream? It felt like a dream, one she had most often, running away as her hometown was raised by the Iron Horde, but this time it was different. She couldn't remember, something happened after she ran through the woods, something strange, something that made her stomach churn... something green that wasn't supposed to be there.

She was so close to remembering when a book went flying through the air at her head. Alii ducked just in time as she was brought back to the present. "Stop daydreaming girl! Your break was over FIFTEEN minutes ago, and I find you up here sleeping and reading..." The grey-haired Gnome was the owner of this particular establishment, a scribe's shop squirreled away in the mage's district of Stormwind. "STEAMY ROMANCE NOVELS!?!?" He held aloft the book of ill repute, one sitting at her table, left by the last patron she had seen. Her eyes, bright white orbs went wider still as a dark violet blush spread across her cheeks.

The room became filled with a boisterous mixture of sounds, thrown books, the high pitched yelling of an angry Gnome, and the pleading of a young Draenei woman desperate to keep her job. In seconds the owner was already storming off to greet new customers, complaining that good help was hard to find. The young woman held back the tears and set her jaw. The tongue lashing she had just received only spurred her forward, and she quickly set to cleaning and organizing the shelves of books and scroll cylinders... in an hour the store would be more organized than it had ever been before. She was too busy in her work to realize the folded parchment she had been sleeping upon, or the faint green glow it gave off when no one was looking...

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