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((Hi, hello, hey! My first blog trying to get back into RP after an exceptionally long hiatus. And I've never RP'd Auberee, even... she's an old alt dusted off to be my main RP character for BfA. So if anyone happens to read this, please be gentle. It's been a loooong time. So let's dip my toe in... this "journal" is short... and see how it goes!))


I always knew I would be a paladin.

Like my father and my father’s father, a deep affinity for the Light courses through my veins. I wield sword and hammer alike, smiting my enemies with holy fire and vengeance.

How unfortunate for me to have been born a girl.

Despite this theoretical defect, I was still

“Grey! Grey, let’s get a move on, eh? Quit scribblin’ your letters home, and let’s get ready to move out. Or do ya been needin’ a formal invitation to the Citadel? P’haps from Arthas hisself?”

Auberee closed her notebook with an audible snap and glared at the man peering into the tent.

“Mind yourself, Sergeant Andrews, or you might find yourself staying behind to muck out the stalls. And we wouldn’t want you to miss your chance to kill the few Scourge I happen to let you near.”

“Ooooh, I’m sooo sorry, Lieutenant Grey.” The blonde human dropped into a deep, sarcastic bow. “I wouldn’t want to be offendin’ yer delicate sensibilities, I wouldn’t.”

Auberee hurled her helm at the enlisted man as she rose, catching him square in the belly and taking his breath away. The young man had enough sense to wrap his arms around the blue and gold piece of regalia to prevent it from falling to the snow at his feet.

“Polish it.” Auberee demanded, rising from her desk and tucking the notebook into her mostly-packed saddle bag. “We’ve plenty of time. I’ll be preparing Duncan.”

“I swear, Lieutenant, I’ll never understand why you don’t just let Private Weston take care of your horse. Or the squires even, yeah? It’s why we have ‘em, ain’t it?”

Auberee ducked out of the tent before rising to her full 6 foot height (taller than the Sergeant, in fact). She patted him smartly on the head.

“And that’s why I’m an officer, Andrews.” She turned smartly and strode away.

“But th’ other officers do it, ma’am!” Andrews called after her. “I don’t know why…”

But she was out of earshot well before he could finish his thought.


Auberee knelt next to Andrews, her face calm. Serene, even.

“He was a good lad,” Lieutenant Steelkeg remarked quietly, patting Auberee’s shoulder. “He knew the risks, he did. Like all of us.”

She shrugged the dwarf’s hand from her shoulder and drew herself up to her full height.

“He was a good lad, Thorfin. They all are. We all are. And that’s why we’ve come to this Light-forsaken fortress, is it not?” She gestured vaguely at the corridor strewn with the corpses of Scourge and Alliance infantry alike. “Let’s collect our dead. They’re beyond the reach of the Light now.” She motioned to a few privates milling about. “And burn the Scourge. No sense in having to fight them again.”


Another skirmish as we try to breach the Citadel, another heavy loss for the regiment. Morale is low, and why not? We’re watching our friends die and be raised as Scourge before our very eyes. Some of these soldiers are no more than children, fresh from the farm. The worst they’ve dealt with might have been some sick cows or maybe a bandit raid. Their hasty training could have never prepared them to watch their brothers in arms die, rise again, and turn on them so quickly.

Light. As many times as I’ve seen it, I’m still never prepared.

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Lisarin Ravenveil Supporter
Apr 30 '18
This was a nice read. I really like the shift between the journal and the story telling part :)
Eriarren Dawnreaver
May 1 '18
I agree with Lisarin! The sudden transition and break of thought was awesome! The detail was really good too, maybe try dipping into more world building descriptions? Great read!
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