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In the days before the Sanctum, a child was born of two, one awake and one asleep, for Sleep and Wakefulness were yet separate and distinct. The words of the Prophet began with this phrase, for it would always hold true. Within the Vespertine Sanctum these words were made manifest, for to traverse the path at the edge of all things required a map. The first steps upon the Seeking path were the most painful, after all, for the feet of the Seekers were not yet accustomed to the pain of balancing upon the razors. Even within the words of the Prophet, though, the Sanctum spoke in four voices, for it rested upon four corners. The first word of these four voices was always uttered in unison, and this was the Voice which was yet to be-- manufactured divinity and dreams folded delicately into water. Seeing this, the Prophet was pleased, and said:


As these words took shape, the will of the Sanctum was made apparent. Defiance interrupted the machinations of the four Lords. Thirteen seekers paved the way for thirteen: Seekers. The narrative of the child’s life began and ended before its very eyes and continued yet, for there was work to be done and more to be said. And the stolen divinity of hypnagogia was amplified in kind, paradise achieved through cunning. And the Prophet-who-was-the-child-once-more was pleased and said:


Events were written and recounted and rewritten and recanted until at last they lay completed in ink and fire beneath the Temple in the marsh. True and rendered as such, the child’s encounters with the Kings and Lords and Spirits and Seekers to which the teachings of the Sanctum had been brought rose from the pages and were consumed by moths and serpents and ravens, and the Sanctum was pleased, and said:


And the Sanctum spoke to the Prophet in deafening whispers of a Voice and dark water. Of the thrones which lay atop the grand place at the edge of all things, yet unfilled. Of the end and beyond. And the Prophet wept amber tears at the beauty of these things, and committed none of them to paper, for this task fell to the Sanctum. When at last the words were written and hidden and dried, the Prophet spoke his will, his defiance which lay above all else, to the heavens and said:


And it was and will be made so.

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By The Veiled Prophet
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