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Panting, gasping for every sulfurous breath, the man traversed the nightmare landscape. His gait was not the easy, long-legged lope of a man accustomed to dancing for hours on end or distance running for pleasure. It was the ragged, panicked flight of a terrified animal.

Blood oozed from numerous shallow cuts and scrapes, each burning as sweat found those wounds. Ev


Kai-Jiang Stormleaf

And thus the serpent spoke, "The time of heroes draws nigh, young one, for soon you will be called to act once more." His fist -- still planted in the earth below with support of his jade-hilted brand -- clenched as he dipped his head forth, eyes shut sternly with determination. "We will not fail Pandaria," the rugged warrior spoke, then he'd rise to his feet a-



Like mycelium, powder brittle and roots yellowed blanketed once fertile soil. It crept into houses no longer lit and lived in, reclaimed them as a place for spreading yeasts and mold. Home of t


Uriel'thos Frostveil

Uriel had been at the edge of the water for what seemed like hours. Waves lapped at the young elf’s bare feet as he stared out across the open expanse of ocean that went beyond the horizon. The sky was splashed with variants of red and orange, fading into a purple sky just before the sun set as it would give way to the night and its stars.

The water was cold yet refre


Threska Tetherfang Supporter

This is super old and stupid, but I just found it buried in a tab in my Notebook and thought I’d share. Wrote this shortly after dreaming up Threska. <3


“Threska! Threska!” The little Tauren girl held up her chubby, furry arms demanding to be lifted.


Aroen Wildblade Team

The Vanguard. Whatever unearthly forces doomed me from the great tree all those decades ago, they brought me to The Vanguard.

Never in all my life would I have thought that haggard band of uncouth bastards would have been the driving force which sent my life in the direction it continues to move towards. Vagabonds, all of them. Rat-faced men and dwarves united under on


Aroen Wildblade Dec 2 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1 · Tags: backstory, first person
Rokla Wolfheart

It was but a whisper, but it rang loudly in her mind, interrupting the silence that had fallen over the empty cliffs somewhere in the Stonetalon Mountains. The young orc fell upon her knees, trembling as the blade in her hand dropped to the cold, hard stone beneath her. She could not have been more than a five or six summers old. She didn’t rightfully know. Nor did she care.

Though the moon shined brig


Rokla Wolfheart Nov 27 '18 · Rate: 5 · Tags: backstory, family, frostwolf, horde, orc, wolf
Sylfaug Moltenfist

An anvil could be heard in the distance but the child couldn’t bear to pay attention to anything but its own starvation. The child had been cut off a few bread pieces short and was starving for the last bit. Another Dark Iron named Kunos, had more than he needed because he forced everyone in his area to give him at leas


Keon Colbourn

A Few Years Back...

Keon sat outside the small cottage on the outskirts of Brennadam his parents had called home. He’d just spent the past few months serving aboard a fishing skiff, but with the season ending, he had looked for a different sort of work upon arrival in Boralus. He loved being at sea, and d


Keon Colbourn Aug 31 '18 · Comments: 1 · Tags: backstory, kul tiras, wyrmrest accord
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