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Panting, gasping for every sulfurous breath, the man traversed the nightmare landscape. His gait was not the easy, long-legged lope of a man accustomed to dancing for hours on end or distance running for pleasure. It was the ragged, panicked flight of a terrified animal.

Blood oozed from numerous shallow cuts and scrapes, each burning as sweat found those wounds. Ev


Ceara Ilthien

Nightmares drove Ceara from her tent just before dawn, clutching her arms to her chest. The sun had yet to rise over the horizon, but it’s rosy light was beginning to touch the ocean, illuminating the Jeweled Coast of Stormsong. She had made camp on a cliff overlooking that vista.


Threska Tetherfang Supporter

Three weeks earlier

Fenris Isle, Silverpine Forest

“Och, yer gonnae break it, lad.”


Threska Tetherfang Supporter

With little sleep and no food, Efran Keats was growing weaker by the hour. The she-wolf was gaining on him despite his attempts to drive her deeper into Silverpine Forest for the past four days. He couldn’t risk longer than a few moment’s respite to catch



"Do you hear me? Do you understand?"

The weight on his wrists sank deeper, digging into the skin like dull teeth set to sever both hands. Clinking chains accompanied another tug around his ankles and waist, pressing him flush against a table that chilled his bare skin. Someone tightened the strap across his forehead. Tiny fingers skittered along its length, flitting sha


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Gilbert Sappington
“Why do you do it?”

Gilbert picked up a towel to dry his hands. They were cold, almost numb from a thorough washing. “Do what, exactly?”

On a bench just behind him and beside an open door sat a dwarf. She was leaning against the wall, legs crossed one over the other, mo


Auberee Justinia Grey
((Hi, hello, hey! My first blog trying to get back into RP after an exceptionally long hiatus. And I've never RP'd Auberee, even... she's an old alt dusted off to be my main RP character for BfA. So if anyone happens to read this, please be gentle. It's been a loooong time. So let's dip my toe in... this "journal" is short... and see how it goes!))


I always knew I would be a paladin.



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Dareos Kironos

Credit to: KatroArt


His entire world was pain.It took a few torturous attempts for the Shadow "Priest" to finally be able to whistle and call his mount. To the b


Exsus Davon
Argus, throne of the Burning Legion, and former home of the Draenei looms overhead. Through Illidan's reckless actions, one of the most dangerous places in the known universe is just a short distance away. Thus far, it has been claimed to have been a part of Illidan's plan, though I have my doubts. All of Illidan's actions just seem to be a series of accidents, which sometimes work out in his favor. Now, we are faced with an important task, perha


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Aelliciah Larris Warrens
"That'll be twenty-copper pieces." Aelliciah said with a smile. Her hands holding the box as the night elf shifted through his coin purse. "This should suffice.. A silver piece, keep the change."

How long have I been there.. years now? Selling pies and goods. Shipping goods from here. I hadn't expected I'd ever find myself i


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