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Fenrus Briarheart
I wanted to put together a definitive, and informative 'guide' for those who would like to role-play a Thornspeaker, but are unsure of where, or how to start. After many hours of procrastination, here it is: Thornspeakers, and why Thornspeakers aren't just Human Druids. This is the first entry of several in a series on all things Thornspeaker. Comments and Critique welcome!

First and for


Chamomielle Meadowscorn
Who: Mielle, a shack in the woods
What: Just making some friends.
Warnings: Animal death, some gore.

She dips her arms elbow-deep into the basin. They feel nothing -- with care, the blood has cooled just enough with a few coals smoldering underneath it to match her own temperature, the basin a womb, her fingers and palms suspended in the lull of the liquid, her mind slowly approaching a trance. Th


Aranya Ver'Sarn

Aranya sat quietly on a gilded floor, looking out at the stars above Zandalar. She was calm, still, breathing evenly and slow, despite what she was about to do. The arcanist looked down at a beautiful crystal trinket with a crescent within it, a gift from Colpeia’s tribe after she had sent them aid in the wake of Sargeras stab


Shari'Adune Forestsong

i close my eyes, feeling the salty spray tickling my freckles, making my lips twitch ever so slightly. i can feel how the wind tugs and twists at my hair, causing the tresses and feathers secured within to dance and frolic in the wind as if they were alive.

i inhale deeply, as if i can infuse this wonderful feeling into my very soul with the act.

It is funn


Shari'Adune Forestsong Aug 28 '18 · Comments: 4 · Tags: druidess, kaldorei, kul tiras, magic
Rhillia Inferniel Supporter

Rhillia shuffled across one side of the ballroom the other in what seemed like an unending circuit. As the hired help hoisted the curtains, swept and dusted Rhillia kept her eyes on her clipboard, checking off things as they were completed.


Erinai Supporter
(A commonly asked question to Erinai, what are the runic tattoos on you? Are they just decorative, or do they do something?)

Of course the runes do something! It would be needlessly tedious task to have tattooed such an extensive work upon one's flesh. The runes are highly important to a very specialized system of magic, specifically a transportation system used to move items between one's hands and a predefined location, or to ins


Erinai Jul 11 '17 · Rate: 5 · Tags: magic, runes, tattoos
Syllindia Nightlark

Arcane: A Study in Superiority

By Syllindia Nightlark, Arcanist

Citizens of Azeroth have many tools at their disposal, including a wide array of magical forces. Druids wield natural, life-giving magics, shaman call upon the elements, and priests and paladins harness the power of the Holy Light. Let us not f



Earth is steady. It is a patient mind and strong body, acting only when it must, but with a force unstoppable when it does. This is what every shaman must keep in mind when interacting with the earth below them, and yet to the shaman this meaning changes. To so many, the earth is quiet and lifeless, but to a shaman this is anything but true. “Everything that is, is alive” after all.


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