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The Nymph

Song resonated tenuously throughout the thick of the dense, atramentous woods. Moonlight merely trickled betwixt the rime-covered leaves and twisting, branches of trees, her silvery rays oscillating, occasionally painting the stones in white that reflected against the snow enveloping the ground. How ethereal the haunting ambience was for a lullaby to be spilled this night; a faint chime echoing, carried by honeyed and velvete


Iyeris of the Black Tide Supporter

a sigh— so sweet

yet these lips

p o i s o n o u s

and fingers fleet

this liar’s tongue;

its caressing chime

made of p r o m i s e

and inhibitions unstrung

come wander with me

come wand


Iyeris of the Black Tide Supporter
Hidden well beneath horizon

Biding time's ebb and wizen

Sleeping, forgotten; waiting liven

Treasures spared by eternity lay

Afloat on ink, I hear a calling

Loudly lapping, ever crawling

To nip my ears with voice enthralling



Iyeris of the Black Tide Supporter
Corridors, they whirl and wind, traveling downward and upward, and every which ‘ward’ there could be. Drip-drip-drop falls saltwater from the stone ceiling, a curious choir— a music which rippled throughout those long forgotten halls, since lost to the sea and found again by enterprising, vengeful sisters.



Eriarren Dawnreaver
Help me… Please… It hurts so much, 

Eri awoke in a cold sweat in the inn, head pounding rhythmically and his scar across his left eye flaring up. He looked around the room cautiously almost starting to pace nervously as he got flashbacks from the whispers from the Old Gods whispers driving him insane. “Was that more whispers from the Old Go


Eriarren Dawnreaver Mar 8 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2 · Tags: bird, combat, mount, ren'dorei, ritual, story, void, void elf, redridge
Aldion Shadowscryer
When entering into the realms beyond shadows, you must first enter a state of meditation. This lets your spirit and mind come free from your mortal coil, and transcend into the realm of shadows. You must first visualise and focus on the number 1 in your mind, you then want to speak the phrase. “There is no death, only the void.”. Speak it slowly and take a breath, let your soul lift from your body. This is


Aldion Shadowscryer Feb 24 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2 · Tags: blood elf, journal, shadow, void, void elf
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