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"New Lands, New Opportunities..."

Upon her arrival back to Stormwind following her mission in Tirisfal Glades weeks ago, Rosinthel had learned of Jaina Proudmoores aide in Lordaeron during the battle and her suggestion to travel to request the help of the Kul Tiran Naval Force. The war was escalating against the Horde, who had paired up with the Zandalari Troll Empire that was settled on the Island of Zandalar; ships distance away from the seafaring people of Kul Tiras.

Exhausted, but able, she ferreted out a contract and secured passage to Kul Tiras via the majestic and intimidatingly large Kul Tiran ship that Jaina had ushered into harbor upon her return. The small elf gathered her supplies and her companion, the ebony tigress Nuala, and proceeded to board the vessel. Once on board, she settled into the hull with the cargo so as not to disturb any of the crewmen or passengers with her or her beasts presence, as a large tiger on a ship would surely cause waves...

Once out to sea the ancient vessel moved with all of the strength and determination of a small continent. Creaking and groaning as it crushed through the massive swells of the Azerothian Sea on it's way home to Kul Tiras. Rosinthel looked down as she wrapped her arm around her companion in comfort; the the ship swaying with each crest. "Steady girl, I have you my love." she cooed, attempting to ease the great beasts unease. It wasn't but a few moments later that the tide turned to calmer seas and the two bed down to some much needed rest.

A weeks time had passed and they had arrived in Boralus, the Kul Tiran Capital City. It was a nautical town, typical of the seafaring Kul Tirans. Pack on hand, they disembarked to make their way into town to stock back up with much needed supplies. The streets were lined with many vendors selling their wares and delicacies. To her amusement, there was plenty for them to eat here as this was a harbor town and fish dishes were abundant. She bought quite a few rations of this newfound and apparently imported "Loa Loaf" for later, but tonight the two dined on Spiced Snapper as a treat as they quietly retreated to the shoreline under the docks to enjoy their meal in quiet comfort.

After their meal, Rosinthel and the hearty cat headed down to the docks to see if any work was available. The 7th Legion was seeking Pathfinders to help aid them in finding alternate routes from the new Alliance foothold, Shatterstone Harbor, off the coast of Vol'dun down to a smaller encampment to the south, Deadwood Cove. This was something she excelled in accomplishing and the added gold was much needed. She graciously accepted the contract and the duo set sail that evening for the desolate landscape of Vol'Dun.

Days had passed when the two finally arrived to Shatterstone Harbor. She shielded her eyes as the pair disembarked into the dry sandy ruins of what seemed to be an ancient troll encampment, now currently occupied by various members of the Alliance - soldiers, adventurers, and the like. Upon landfall, with the sun bearing down on them, she dropped her bag to the ground and dug around until she eventually came along a cowl to assist in keeping the sun off of her face; as well as help break up her image in the dunes when they would begin trailblazing through them here shortly.

The two then proceeded to walk down the dusty pathways, taking in the sights as miniature saurids, or compies, scurried past them. The grand tigress flattened her ears with annoyance as a trio bumped in to her on their way to scavenge trash piles in the distance. With a soft chuckle, Rosinthel patted the stoic creatures side and ushered her to continue along as they checked in with her contact, Sergeant Ermey, to be briefed before they headed out...
"Torturous Whispers"

Rosinthel had just landed on the northern shores of Tirisfal Glades, formerly Northern Lordaeron. She had spent the good part of the week cooped up with her stoic tigress, Nuala, on a ship that had been chartered by Alliance forces to deliver her and a few other unknown scouts to the area on a reconnaissance mission. Her orders were:"Scout the area, Observe and take note of enemy mobilization, Discover any weapons caches and/or units, Return and report her findings."

Once disembarking from the unmarked ship, she and her feline companion made for the dusk shrouded, damp cover of the Tirisfal forest. The stench of death and decay hung thick in the glade, as this area had been occupied by Forsaken forces for going on 13 years now. Every step the pair took in the blight ridden forests had to be taken lightly, so as not to alert any undead or Forsaken civilians. It was a matter of hours before Nuala crouched low, her large round ears laid back against her massive skull, the signal that danger was near. Rosinthel slowly dropped to the ground, taking cover under a thorny bramble with the black beast, melding into the scenery.

Two ghoulish bodies staggered by in unison. "Wait a moment," she thought to herself,"In unison...these are not undead." Her eyes followed the pair, taking mental note of the armor they adorned, along with their Forsaken tabards. The elf and her companion stalked the Forsaken guards to the edge of the forest. As she reached the edge, her view shifted past the guards to where they were headed...the massive and decrepit Gates of Lordaeron. Her eyes grew at the sight of war machines and troops, preparing fortifications for an oncoming attack.

Rosinthel quickly closed her eyes, trying to divert the invading void tainted whispers that had just begun to swirl in her mind..."How would the Forsaken know an attack was coming? Why did the Alliance send you here? They sent you here to die for their cause...You have been found out, the position is compromised. Run away, they deserve to know nothing. Deliver them all into undeath." Her ear twitched at the mental assault and with a brief shake of her head she snapped out of it. The sturdy obsidian beasts emerald eyes peered up to her Mistress in concern. Rosinthel took one more look out to the gates at the war machines, quickly kissed the enormous creatures forehead in reassurance and with a nod of her head they both made their way back into deeper cover of the glade.

The duo fled with great speed and agility through the twists and turns of the musky wood, urgently attempting to make it back to the rendezvous point before anyone could be alerted of their presence. She had stopped short of the coast when she spotted something in the distance. Quickly reaching around to her pack she pulled out a bronze telescope and cast her view to the oceans horizon to find the majority of the Alliance Navy off the coast. She stood there, dumbstruck at how quickly they had shown up, wondering if perhaps another scout had reported in before she had the chance to.

Either way, she was beginning to question this battle. With a sharp inhale she was bombarded of visions of what she could only assume was to come...something terrible was going to happen and she had friends that would surely be down there. Rosinthel reached to her head, pressing her fingers to her temples as if to silence the void energy radiating throughout her. Nuala stepped back, crouching down as she always did to signal danger, only this time the beast wrapped her tail around her in a mild cower. Void energy pulsed around the small elf, the tendrils in her hair taking to a life of their own, snaking around slowly as a dark cloud enshrouded her.

There she stood, in the forest alone while the void energies encompassed her body, piercing and attacking her mind, preying on her insecurities. Reminding her of her failed attempts to warn others of Teldrassil, blaming the loss of life on her inability to speak up. The historically fearless beast slunk away behind a tree as the void rose up in the woman squeezing a tormented wail from her, "It wasn't my fault!" An explosion erupted from her that tainted everything around her in deep twilight. With a tremble, she quickly regained her balance and urgently searched for her companion who, intelligently, hid behind an impressive pine.

The tigress eased out from the shelter slowly, searching her Mistress for any harm. "I thought I had hurt you, I am so very sorry my friend." she whispered apologetically to the beast as she wrapped her arms around its thick neck. The elf looked deep into the emerald orbs of the creature and held her gaze for a moment before realizing they needed to move, and fast. Surely someone might have heard the ordeal and she did not wish to be around to find out if friend of foe had heard her. She made it to the rendezvous point in record time, to brief the agents of her sightings. She had the choice, to board the unmarked ship and sail back to Stormwind or stay behind and help the Alliance capture Lordaeron. She then chose to head back, thoroughly exhausted, this was a battle she just hadn't the strength to fight...

Rosinthel had answered the Kings call and had been busy with recon work in Darkshore throughout the week. Her tour was wrapping up and she was heading back towards Lor'danel when her giant tigress, Nuala, crouched low; signalling enemy arrival. As the Horde forces marched on to the ruined stronghold, Rosinthel mounted up and made haste to Teldrassil in attempt to warn the Kaldorei of the breach in line...

She had arrived too late, however. As soon as she passed through the Rut'theran portal into Darnassus, the whole tree shook as the horde trebuchets lobbed masses of oil soaked boulders, wrapped in flame at the trunk of the mighty tree; setting it aflame. She struggled to get who she could to safety, losing her beloved bow in the process, but trying nonetheless. She managed to get 72 Kaldorei civilians to safety before the smoke became too thick for her to operate in and she had to retreat to the safety of Stormwind via a mage portal.

When she returned to Stormwind and had a chance to process the days events with word that Sylvanas was the one to have ordered the crime, guilt had set in. Not only was she ashamed that a former Quel'dorei could commit the act, let alone order it; she had also been having void-touched visions and whispers of this atrocity for weeks prior. She had even attempted to tell a couple of people, but after seeing the reactions and dismissals she chose not to push the thought for fear of being stigmatized as "just another void-touched loon". After all, the void only speaks either in half truths or deceit...right?
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