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Rokla Wolfheart

It was but a whisper, but it rang loudly in her mind, interrupting the silence that had fallen over the empty cliffs somewhere in the Stonetalon Mountains. The young orc fell upon her knees, trembling as the blade in her hand dropped to the cold, hard stone beneath her. She could not have been more than a five or six summers old. She didn’t rightfully know. Nor did she care.

Though the moon shined brig


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Liraendra Brightshield Supporter

(( this follows an encounter where she killed two Pandaren in a battle-frenzy ))

The room was small enough that it only took eight strides to cross, hardly enough time to form a thought, let alone contemplate it. Outside, seen through the small window, was a grassy field that would let the knight stride as she wished, if she would just venture from the room. But the sma


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Grumaar Bloodaxe

Timeline: Sometime After the Founding of Durotar

"You cannot go."

"I have to."

"If you leave, he will not remember you."

Grumaar turned to face her with a furrowed brow. Those words pierced him as sharply as any arrow would. She lay there clad in only the fur blanket they had just shared but she may as well have be


Kelsuwa "Stormsinger" Thunderheart


Shawondasee, the South Wind, was much gentler th


Kelsuwa "Stormsinger" Thunderheart

How The Prairie Wolf Became Cunning

(A Shu'halo mythology story as told by Kelsuwa Stormsinger)

A great many hundred snows ago, Alo Nokee Washte, sitting on the Sacred Stool, created the world. First, she made the fishes in the Big Water, then the animals on the green land, and last of all, Shu’halo! But at first, the animals were all alike in power.


Colme Blackveil
The fel glow of the ink was scratched into various places among two pages with no clear formatting. What was created was an overwhelming amount of words that made up small little poems, brief glimpses into her mind over a duration of time. Both therapeutic and observant of those around her, some are internalized emotions and thoughts and some are reflections of the things she's seen.

I was o


Grumaar Bloodaxe
He let out a tired sigh as he placed the final pieces of lumber in the arranged order. His brow furrowed. It wasn't right. But it wasn't ever going to be right, was it? He looked back at the large form that lay behind him. He didn't want to do this final act, and yet it was something he had to do. It would mean goodbye. It would be the end of a journey that had been unexpectedly cut short.

His breath was visible. It had been


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Valkrian Terramore

The Sober Dwarf, a tavern song by Valkrian Terramore

Oh, freely the taps flowed, within some small bar;

Drinks were downed greedily, wit


Threska Tetherfang Supporter

"The Orcess of Kalimdor" A Sea Shanty

There be a tide o'er low the shore

A'fore the wind of drummer’s storm

Tis nae a lass as bonny as she

Who stands a'watch for ships t'moor

The orcess of Kalimdor.



Threska Tetherfang Nov 14 · Rate: 5 · Tags: kalimdor, orc, poem, sailing, song, shanty
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