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Keaya Vayne

Gilneans pulled from the Alliance in order to protect their citizens and keep their resources to the people. With the ongoing war amongst the citizens, there were few conspiracy theorists who questioned the true purpose of the wall. The Vayne sisters were among those few. "The wall failed us! The king trapped us in here while the Worgen curse ravaged our lands! Look where we are now!"


Silvani Nitroglitch
Hey guys! Do you think we could possibly RP here on RPfind.me, much like any of us may have within the blizzard RP forums? We could use blogs to start RP themes and make our posts within the blogs?


Vixtin Rotgame Supporter
If I were to tell you who he is, I think the best way would be to let you read his private journal I post up in his guild forum.

It may be filled with the type of grim and moody perspective you'd expect from a Death Knight, but not only does he acknowledge the stigma, he studies it.

What I love most about what I've written for Vixtin is that he's just an average DK tryin


Taliesinn, that is what people I have played for know me as. However, that wasn't always my name. I chose that name. Most of my names were chosen by my parents. I have no idea what my actual name is. Might have been son or Thomas(By the light I hope not), Fingrazzle, Darnissian, Damascus. I have no idea. All I know is that I have Aeronwen and I have my violin. These are the two stable things in my nomadic life. Everything else is up to the wind.


Taliesinn May 1 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1
For the longest time I have been alone.

Sure people have come and gone but I never truly trusted or let them in. Even for my own kind, cant even make eye contact with most Gnomes. At least not like I did for her.

I must apologize in advance, for my memories of that place is still hazy at best. Talking of Gnomeregan of course. For awhile just the mention of there would send me into a blind rage, it was a valuable too


Tyrman May 1 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2 · Tags: #gnome, #gnomeregan, #backstory, #memories, #love
Anasteria Brightspell

Anasteria was born to a different family, a name which has been lost to time. When the first scourge invasion happened she was told her parents were killed, leaving her alive. Her current father Noriel Brightspell, also head of House Brightspell, took the young girl under his wing, adopting her as one of his own. Ana’s mother Lady Elaera was the motivation for her adopted daughter’s educa


Anasteria Brightspell Apr 29 '17 · Rate: 5
Merabeth Sinclair
How about because I said so? No?

Thanks to the changes that Blizzard did to the loot system world farming is now one of the best ways I've come across to get gold. Seriously. You after a rare transmog that's totally RNG? Get a group of five people together and farm that baby up, you'll get it eventually!

That being said...


Jurzeb Wolfaxe

((Direct continuation from Drowned Memories))

Jurzeb felt about as bad as he looked when he began the trek from Read More...

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