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Hey everyone,
This blog is going to be opened up so that we can start posting public newsletters updating you on what the rpfind team is doing, our


rpfind Apr 25 '17 · Tags: rpfind, newsletter, official, team, updates
Soldoral Flamegazer

Originally serving as a mage of the Sunfury, Soldoral Flamegazer sought reprisal for what had been done to his people. After the events of Northrend, and learning how deep the Burning Legion’s claws affected Azeroth, his ties with the Illidari deepend. While


Shanna Roywyn Kemsley
When Shanna was younger, her mother and father were very happy together. They made sure to care for their daughters, Shanna and Trissalis, and see they were happy, but strong. They would often tell their girls that they could do anything they wanted, and to not let their size hold them back.

One day, the girls father was sent away to trade his furs and leathers for money for the home. During his travels, he was injured and


Shanna Roywyn Kemsley Apr 24 '17 · Rate: 5
Cardiel Disgleiro Supporter

This is a little introduction snippet to the character of Cardiel, having occurred in the first few days of her appearance. Aestiva, though older, is Cardiel's niece, and a bitter woman.

The Mediahn heat felt strange on her skin, coarse and unwelcoming to a creature such as she, a creature borne of shade and magic. Even under the cloak of nightfall did the world


Zun'Gomba Supporter
Anyone who frequented Sen'jin between the establishment of the Echo Isles and the beginnings of the troubles of Azeroth (Vanilla) might recognize him as the apprentice of a local Enchanter.

Those who trained with the Forsaken in the arts of the Arcane might recognize him from his time studying in the Undercity, roughly around the time the Avatar of Ragnaros and Nefarian were slain.

Those who sought out enchantments f


Zun'Gomba Apr 17 '17 · Rate: 5 · Tags: #history, #zungomba
Here's a little story passed down by the Stonemaul, and one of Vokur's favorites, about his grandfather's exploits with the Gorian Empire's army.

In a time long before Warlocks and the Burning Legion, the Gorian Empire was at its peak, its influence and power reaching far and wide. The Ogre armies marched across Draenor, bringing glory to the Imperator. In the Spires of Arrak, high in the mo


Vokur Apr 15 '17 · Rate: 5
Zu'Shi Jadeheart Supporter
Born to parents deeply embedded in the teachings of the Red Crane, Zu'Shi Jadeheart followed them from the day she was born. Chi-Ji's teachings were her constant aural companion until she could walk, and from that point, they shared her life with the martial arts.

Zu'Shi never rebelled against it. She was in love with the martial arts from the day she knew what love was, and the philosophical teachings never made anything but the g


Zu'Shi Jadeheart Apr 15 '17 · Rate: 5
Teaghue V'lathas
Hello, hello! I'm Tee, not to be confused with Tea. I'll be using this blog pretty much the same way I used to use livejournal; in character, first person present tense entries based on in-game events and out of game RP, with the occasional story thrown in.

Main tags will be as follows: ooc, ic, story


Teaghue V'lathas Apr 15 '17 · Tags: ooc
Test test.

Update: I finally found the edit option, in an obscure manage area. Well that's a plus at least. I can get to posting some journals here.


Songwing Apr 15 '17
Hey, I'm Ben, some of you might have seen me around. But I'm a rogue so you might not have as well. I don't really know what I'll use this blog for yet. I'll probably use it to talk about lore in general, the holes that still exist in it and my own personal headcanons that I use to reconcile them. As I go to events, I'll post about them here, along with screenies if I remember to take them!


Ben'zali Apr 15 '17 · Rate: 5 · Tags: lore, troll, darkspear, headcanon, roleplay, ben'zali
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