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Feb 11

35 / F / EST - US

21+ Friends Please & Thank you!

Hi there! Im Jesse! On World of Warcraft - I have a bunch of characters. (Ask an I will show you my spreadsheet with them laid out!) I mainly have characters on Moon Guard A/H & Wyrmrest Accord A/H & Stormrage A. I'd love to make friends who are obsessed like me with World of Warcraft. I have played since vanilla. I love to collect battle pets, I like to collect mounts but I am really unlucky with drops. (RNG Hates me!) I would like to work on achievements. I also am looking for friends who like world of warcraft rp/erp (I prefer rping on discord, but in-game is ok on occasion). I love healing and don't mind the occasional dps time. I don't often tank. Basically I like people who love collecting Transmog items. (This is huge for me, very important!) So old raid runs, lfr, old dungeon runs. I am looking for people who enjoy leveling alts together and hanging out in discord chatting!

I have an OC in World of Warcraft: Viviana Ulric that I love rping on! I plan to collect art commissions of her. I have one as a valentines day gift from my wife! I have a twitter that I love posting screenshots and role playing the character on. Current plans are making a community and guilds. The process has been started but I am still working on fine details. I am really excited about this cause one of my goals is to be a social media manager / community manager. So having a successful community would really help with that goal. Another goal is I plan on making a Gaming Fashion Youtube Channel with a visual podcast show! I also LOVE making graphic design banners and avatars with Warcraft Model Viewer or in game screenshots. Maybe I will make you some? ^_^ I love drawing as well, though I'm not as good at that, I am practicing to get better!

As for Viviana's Character and her rp/erp stuff, Just ask I love discussing her! I have her f-list for on request! As well as a q/a sheet about her, and working on a website! Some info: She is a undead. She considers herself in a neutral faction. The guilds I intend on making are Warcraft meets SCP Foundation. So she is a Field Agent and Mobile Task Force Leader for the Silverpine Forest division, basically she protects the world of Azeroth from dangerous artifacts.

What I am looking for: Best friend status type people, who share my interests. Not really looking for casual people or acquaintances. People who would like to be around and dedicate time to hang out and socialize!

A little about myself. I am a bisexual female, who is married to my best friend a MTF Transgender Female. The process is new and we are learning. We have recently decided that we are interested in a poly relationship. Though we are not in a rush with this aspect, we are exploring. We have furry kids! A dog named Diamond and a cat named Joey. I enjoy laughter and being silly. I am very close to my inner kid, and once I get comfortable with a person tend to be a goofy type. I do suffer from crippling anxiety and social anxiety. So patience and persistence with me pay off! ^_^ I also have a few other fandoms I love: Star Wars and Dragon Age being two. When my gaming doesn't get in the way I love writing and reading books! Romance is my typical go to for reading. What can I say? I'm a sap!

Final Fantasy XIV my wife enjoys as well. So hang out with us! We are on Gilgamesh! More info on request! We like doing palace runs, and casual stuff in game! :D I tend to like to main healers, and My wife likes to dps and tank.

If theres anything else you'd like to know, Just ask. I am friendly, and an open book. I love learning about and engaging with new people, even if it scares me! Thanks. ^_^

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Khornoth Skultaker
Feb 12
Call me interested! Hit me up on Discord or on here! All my info's in my bio!
Antiya Eigres
Feb 18
The guild idea is awesome!
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