Poetry and Story Night



Date & time Jan 11, 06:00PM
Mistfall Village, Vale of Eternal Blossoms.
WrA but other servers welcome
Horde but Alliance welcome
Creator Saeil Moonblade

Who's attending

Saeil Moonblade


Poetry and Story Night

Calling all poets, storytellers and coffee lovers!

The Howling Owl is a premier faction neutral coffee shop located in Pandaria and owned by Alaris Sunspell and Romarique Valeriant. Each month we host an event that allows our patrons to recite poems, tell stories, or even share music for the others in attendance to enjoy. These can be original works or can simply be their favorites. Real world adaptations are fine too!

Location: The Howling Owl (Mistfall Village, Vale of Eternal Blossoms, Pandaria)

We will be in the main tavern, the biggest building!

When: Friday, January 11th, Doors will open at 6PM WrA server time

Drinks and snacks will be served until 6:30PM when readings will start. Afterward, drinks and food will be served again. Feel free to mingle and stay as long as you like!

All races, factions and other servers are welcome!


We will have raffles for those on WrA server for both Horde and Alliance side! 100g a ticket, limit 10 tickets.

Alliance side raffle items:

Minion of Grumpus (1st prize)

2nd and 3rd prize have choice of:

Darkmoon Cub

Enchanted Torch

Sentinels companion

Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling

Horde side raffle items:

Mechano-Hog (1st prize

2nd and 3rd prize have choice of:

Enchanted Lantern


Pheonix Hatchling

Fledgling Warden Owl

The Wall

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