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LGBT Friendly
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Created: Aug 19 '17
Aurtena Supporter
Aurtena Mar 12 '18

Hey all.

I'm back to the game and WrA and I was wondering if people would be interested in a LGBT channel? I've been sitting in "LGBT" for a few days and no one has popped in, so I really don't think it's something to necessarily worry about.

General rules would be virtually the same as WrA's discord rules (I'm not a mod there, but they're very good rules and you can find them here: https://rpfind.me/groups/101 )

A few of us have very old characters on the server which would ensure mod typically goes to a veteran in case of griefing. We could always use this space to coordinate a new channel if needed.

It would purely be for light chat / networking / knowing where other LGBT players are at and where some LGBT friendly spaces are.

TL;DR: /join LGBT for a friendly chat on WrA.

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