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Jocilyn Marie Tilias Dunkara
Hello Everyone!

While this is related to RP, I decided to put it in the general tab; as to leave room for stories and such in the other forum!

Flyers flutter in the wind; people speak in vibrant open conversation of the latest to come from the Mountains and those that linger there; Behold, Dibella extends her hands to all those interested. She welcomes you, just as I do.

- In Character-

The Classrooms and Barn of the newfounded Dibellan Sanctuary bustle with activity, whether to teach peers or to learn. Thus, Dibella’s Ward has opened their gates to you, the people from lands near or far, to nurture your search for knowledge, as Dibellans nurture the souls that enter with curious minds.

Classes on topics varying as far as the seas stretch are found at the Sanctuary away from home; whether you seek to learn of Magical Trinkets or the easiest way to embroider, perhaps explore the tomes of literature you have grown fond to, it can be found here.

Fret not o’ fellow teachers, for your guidance is requested as well, for this is not to be solely for those of Faith, but of knowledge-seekers.

Come one, come all -- and may your quills scribble upon paper!

- Out Of Character-

Hey there, it’s your friendly neighbourhood Dibellan bringing you finally the correspondence to the classes we've been running!

That's right, The Dibellans of Covent of Our Lady have opened their classrooms and doors to helping you with interests you may have; whether it is guidance on writing proper formal letters to that noblewoman you have a crush on, artistic interests or simply wishing to learn about the Faith of Dibella itself, it can be found here!

In this forum thread there will be updates to when we’re holding classes; what classes we’re holding and as always I encourage public opinion. Whether of something you wish to learn, or perhaps you’d even like to teach!

Jocilyn is the main teacher for most of the courses taught inside Dibella’s Ward or at the Lecture Hall in Anvil. However, she is not alone. Briza has reinvented the barn to provide classes and teachings of a more magical nature; Under the name of “Passion Dancers Forge”

If you have any Questions | Concerns | Suggestions feel free to reach out to us.

You can reach us at:


Discord| KhaosRivy#4760 | Ddera#1972

IGN| @KhaosRiivy | @Ddera

Our Website

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Jocilyn Marie Tilias Dunkara
Instructionals Completed.
Updated As Classes are Completed. Notes on Instructions & Seminaries can be asked for if a session is missed | Interest.

Foundations and Fundamentality of Dibella and Her Spheres Acolyte Studies and Assistance Program (Ongoing)

- 19th of Morning Star: Instructional on what it means to be a "Dibellan"

- 3rd of First Seed: Flora Study & Alchemical Properties of the Flowers in the Gold Coast along with Dibella’s Ward with discussion of the Wild Garden Project. Free Beginner Plants given.

- 29th of Rain’s Hand - Talismans and Charms, the first Session at the Passion Dancer’s Forge- 2nd Of Second Seed - Beginner Embroidery, First Session.

- 6th of Second Seed - Talismans and Trinkets, Second & Final In-Class Session

- 11th of Second Seed - Beginner Embroidery, Second & Final In-Class Session

- 13th of Second Seed - Spiritualism (Interrupted)

- 17th of Second Seed - Sculpting | Day I

The Forum post is edited by Jocilyn Marie Tilias Dunkara May 18 '18
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