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LGBT Friendly
Admin: Laziza
Created: Aug 19 '17
Belo'thel Jun 15 '18

Hey guys!

Our Place is a LGBTQ+ RP networking discord server for Wyrmrest Accord and Moon Guard. This server was inspired by LGBT+ friendly places like Our Sanctuary on Guild Wars 2, and the LGBT Friendly group on RPFind.Me. While unaffiliated, we hope to create a chill atmosphere here where people can network with other LGBT/LGBT friendly roleplayers in World of Warcraft.

Members can chat casually or use the advertisement channels to search for potential guilds / roleplay partners / plots.

Please mind the rules and stay respectful.



Sam Blackwell
Sam Blackwell Dec 4 '18
Hi! I'm V, now the mod and owner of this project. We're still up and running; it's a bit quiet but new members are always welcome.
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