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Quote from Iyeris of the Black Tide "love is like a sin, my love"
The last thing he had expected in her dying moments was an admittance of love. Unrequited and unknown, paired with a sad smile.

His expression loose and gormless, he had tried to reciprocate. She merely laughed and coughed red foam, placing a hand on his cheek.

"Shh... I know you don't. That's not the point."

She sucked in a breath. Her wounds bubbled with the action.

"It's selfish of me, but I can't go without saying it. To let you know that you are more than your work."


He watched her funeral from a distance, unsurprised by the attendance. She had saved many lives and had held a natural charisma that overpowered the ill will held against most Illidari. Many of them had accepted they would die on the shores of the Legion's stronghold, but the reality of it all had been more crushing in practice.

It was true defiance, then, to bury her on the cracked remnants of this world.

His breathing began to quicken as he watched the proceedings: the somber stance of the attendees, the respectful tears, the whispered well-wishes. The breaths took over his body, his shoulders and chest rising and falling with each one. His teeth locked together and creaked.

He twist his neck to gaze over the decimated field below. He felt them crawling amidst it. The storm of emotions evaporated in the heat of his anger. They were responsible; they were always responsible. It started with them, and it would end with them.

Fire ruptured from his flesh and spread over his body. He leapt from his perch, a scorching trail left through the grey sky as he careened towards the only escape he knew.

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Caedun Dec 4

Quote from Colme Blackveil .

The cursed man considered Caedun, his muscular arms folded over his tattooed chest. The Kal'dorei was covered in dried blood, his wounds field dressed but not properly cared for. His obvious strength had shrunken through days of injured travel, but even from his collapsed position there was a ferocity in his white eyes and a snarl on his lips that brought pause even to a Demon Hunter.

"You realize what you're asking me, don't you?" He brought his head to a slight angle.

"Why do you think I came here?"

"So you accept all that comes after?"

"I do."

"And what of your old life?"

"It is already aflame. You've nothing left to burn for me. All that is left is my revenge."

The cursed man smiled.

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Quote from Iyeris of the Black Tide "preach"
Each memory came like a heartbeat, uptempo and constant.

He chased his brother in the field behind their house.

He watched his father weave trees into structures.

The Druids refused him to join their ranks, citing his mother's heritage.

He trained tirelessly, proud to defend his home.

He watched his friends die on the battlefield.

He saw first-hand the power of the Legion.

He found he preferred his fists over blades.

He failed to protect them; they all burned.

He gave up everything he had left to protect others from knowing his fate.

The last memory gave him pause, and he stopped the rhythmic punching, his knuckles ceasing shy of the Felguard's face. The demon was long dead, more battered flesh than being, as were his many allies that were strewn about the burnt-out husk of the house.

He rose to his feet, his breaths deep and ragged in equal amount. He looked around the carcass of his long ago home, the burnt wood overgrown and almost unrecognizable, Legion markers and runes all about the clearing now serving no one.

He realized, slowly, that he had not been made content by his actions.

Caedun Dec 6

Quote from Pauleen Vernon .
His mouth was a lazy waterfall of dark blood, his nose miming it as best it could. A syrupy puddle gathered between his bare, taloned feet.

He could distantly hear the Warden taunting him, spitting his name like a curse, but she was worlds away in his mind. He could hear their feet, feel the vibrations through the stones--sabatons and hooves alike--nearing the abandoned fortress the Sentinel force had captured him in.

She caught him in the cheek with another fist, painting the wall with a splash of near black fluid.

"Pay attention when I'm demeaning you, scum."

He finally lifted his head, and a checkerboard smile spread across his beaten face, pointed teeth alternatingly dark with his blood. The Warden grit her own fangs and wound up another blow, but was interrupted by a Sentinel who burst through the door, leaning on the frame and awash in shallow wounds.

"Demons at the gates!"

Before she could turn back, he shattered his bonds and slammed the Warden into the wall with a single blow, ambient energy already sealing his wounds and crackling about him. The Sentinel stumbled back and he passed by her, heading to his profane duty with long paces.
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Quote from Colme Blackveil /

Her breaths were so shallow as to be that of a near-corpse, her ear poking around the hewn stone wall before the edge of her face did, sight confirming what her other senses had previously determined: he was here.

Her body nearly lit aflame at the sight of her lovely gargoyle chained to the wall, his body more wounds than skin, tattoos flickering wildly. She sucked in a breath to stabilize both physically and mentally, and carefully prepared several hooked arrows with slim, taloned digits.

The cackling of the Sayaad and their Shivarra commander was cut short by silent, precise puncture wounds. Three of them dead on impact with little fanfare, another left grasping at an impaled throat after bouncing off the wall near their prisoner. The commander spun, her reflexes having been enough to smash the first shot into shards with flat of blade, but not near enough to prevent the one that struck her eye, her throat, her heart, each of her lungs.

Tyrana slung her bow back over her slight and strong form, approaching him slowly. As she got close his eyes opened; only one was lit with fel, but there was a spark sealing the other already, latent soul energy restoring him.

He grinned in his toothy way, a small and rare expression. She finally exhaled her cold breath, replaced by warmth.


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Quote from Iyeris of the Black Tide "i'm always ready for a war, again"
Though without boots or shoes, the weight of his bare feet still sent an audible thump echoing through the halls with each step. He straightened the front of his scarf and ran a hand through his hair, aligning the wild mane somewhat.

He reached the edge with clenched fists, staring over the patchwork of shattered earth that was Mardum.

Ah, the war is over, bearer mine.

In some respects I am grateful for this ignominious fate; else I'd have naught but the void of death.

Caedun closed his eyes and let out a long sigh, his brows linking together in a knotted line.

"You were so quiet for so long. It was really nice."

Now the war of purpose begins, does it not? To find meaning in your newfound meaninglessness.

Perhaps you would wish to duel over command of this pitiful shell as we did in ages past?

Any demonic foe would do, I am sure.

"Shut up."

Well, I bring unfortunate elucidation: I have grown tired of our struggle; I only wish to watch you squirm in misery. From now on... I am simply a passenger, bearer mine.


His roar bounced off the distant dead rock, and no response came.

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Quote from Iyeris of the Black Tide "makes us stronger."

Back hinged, feet spaced, core braced, and arms level, he lowered himself deliberately into the squat position. His palms, broad in their own right, were dwarfed still by the gigantic Infernal core he "held" at his chin by pressing on either side. The weight was struggle enough with such an awkward grip, but the searing heat of the demonic golem's power source added an altogether different challenge.

Nearly every muscle in his body ballooned as a result of the motion, and his veins surged against his plated skin as he hit the bottom. Sweat began to bead on his forehead and back, he sunk his teeth into his lower lip, and his expression twitched as he exerted the force to maintain the stance and lift himself back up. He grunted a loud exhalation, taking a few rapid breaths in and out after.

Cheers and shouts of all types rose around from the Illidari that observed the proceedings, the gathered hunters using the impromptu test of strength as a way to celebrate victory and kill time; a respite.

Caedun quickly glanced to the side at Mynar's excited grin and waving arms. Only four more reps to beat his record.


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