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Vraul Jawrip Supporter
Vraul Jawrip Jan 6
Not sure if it's on the radar, but good lord it's annoying that old pictures pop up on my feed whenever I update an album with a new one. Seems like it's five old pictures that pop up there and I have to manually delete them. Just putting it out there.
Mahraz Team
Mahraz Jan 7

Thank you for bringing it up, the team does try to resolve the issues within the website as swiftly as possible. Xaelar is going to take a look at the code and fiddle with things the first chance he gets. If there is any additional info you or anyone else has to this problem please feel free to let us know as well.

Xaelar Team
Xaelar Jan 10
Following up here, because I'm not sure I've been able to replicate the exact issue.

One ornery little thing we've seen is this "[character] has uploaded [literally every image on the website] to their timeline" (I think it's something like 7k images now). That is not the issue you're talking about?
Vraul Jawrip Supporter
Vraul Jawrip Jan 11

No, not quite. It's usually a small influx of images from my main 'Vraul' album that pop up. On the timeline, it shows up as them being only just posted then, even though they were uploaded months ago. Very strange.

Edit: Thankfully they don't get added into the album again.

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