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Centari III Souli
Centari III Souli Jan 13 '19

**Azeroth Archives** RP Discord Server is here!

**Azeroth Archives** is a new Discord Roleplay hub for those who enjoy Discord Roleplay or simply don't have the ability or time to Roleplay in game! Ran by a dedicated and friendly team, we have plenty of text channels to RP in such as both factions major cities, neutral cities, and other main area's within Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor as well. We even have rooms for the in-game holidays when they come around as well as our own special, time locked, event area. Our server is neatly organized to keep Out of Character and In Character discussions nice and separated. We do have our rule list to ensure everyone that participates is having the best experience within a public domain. Truly, a lot of love, organization, and will was put into this program so please, come join and be apart of the archives! So if you're someone who enjoys Roleplaying on Discord or even just with groups of people, **Azeroth Archives** is the place for you!

Any questions can go to:
- ????Mekotsu????#9340 (Co-Discord Manager)
- Sonata#0821 (Co-Discord Manager)
- Uranu5#1594 (RP Moderator)

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/E2VYapk

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