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Raeisley Supporter
Raeisley Aug 5 '17
Hello everyone, I'm Raeisley and just wanted to take a moment to say hello.

I'm a Draenei rper who's character is a bit of a social pariah. Willful and occasionally reckless, Raeis went out into the world and is burning her mark where the mood takes her. She's an entertainer and that's a very board word but its the one that fits the best as an artist, singer, dancer, companion and much more.

If you are looking for a wild card or the voice of reason, Raeisley becomes what she has to be and I look forward to doing a bit of cross faction rp with you all.
Drael Brightspear
Drael Brightspear Aug 5 '17
Thanks for breaking the ice, Raeisley! A+ post!
Lilimielle Starweaver
Greeting, my name is Lilimielle, but Lili for short. I've only begun RPing since October of last year and I'm still fair new to it. So any tips are welcome. Lilimielle is a half Kaldorei arcanist, a seeker of knowledge. You will often find her with a book or tome in hand. she appears standoffish which makes her seem cold at first, but once you get to know her she is the quite friendly.

Looking forward to RPing with you all.

Drael Brightspear
Drael Brightspear Aug 6 '17
Let's keep this rolling!

So hi, I'm Drael. I've been rping for a few years now, though the creation of Drael as a character started back in '07 when I was living in Argentina, writing short stories to keep myself busy.

Drael is very staunchly faction neutral, and joined up with the Argent Dawn after the events of the Sunwell in BC. His home is deep in Eversong, and while he deeply loves Silvermoon, he is exceptionally frustrated by the current administrations unwillingness (or inability) to rebuild and restore the jewel that is his homeland.

All in all, Drael enjoys a good book, lemonade and cooking for other people.

Hit me up for RP anytime, be it in game, on here, or discord! I do it all!

Kirettara Springdale
Heya, I'm Kira. While I RP a myriad of characters and races this is my main RP character at the moment. I've been RPing her for a few years now, especially as she's great for cross-faction. Being born in Duskwood, she ran away to the Darkmoon Faire at the age of 15 and was a part of it until she left at 21 to explore other horizons. This included time in the Militia in Darkshire that let to a stint in Draenor, nearly a year with the Argents, and various mercenary type work since. Kira enjoys her whiskey, good company, and is mostly considered chaotic neutral. Up for RPing in-game, Discord or Skype.
Lyien Supporter
Lyien Aug 28 '17
Hadn't seen this thread start up!

Allow me to join the fun. Most of Loyid can be summarized from his profile, and what isn't there I typically reserve for living encounters. Keeping that succinct, he's a quel'dorei who doesn't enjoy being beholden to anyone, but he's more of a vagabond spellblade than the cutpurse he is often mistaken for.

However, I'll banter a bit about why I had him join this group. When I wrote him into the Warcraft universe, it was most fitting for him to be a quel'dorei, but not part of the Alliance. Not welcome in either factions, he kind of floats inbetween, tending his own interests. Where he can be tolerated, those overlaps between the factions, is where he thrives. Whether that's in the blind spots in Eversong, stowing away aboart an Alliance ship, or more comfortably on the streets of Dalaran, this is the "neutral" space he lives within. This doesn't tie him to any particular neutral organization, but it does mean he's often found parallel to them.
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Songwing Oct 5 '17
Just joined this group, hello everyone!

Songwing is a druid & naturally leans to H/A neutrality. She has friends on both sides of the fence & hopes the war against the Legion will help bring more people together. Over the years she's been slowly learning the Kaldorei language and with luck she might be able to sustain a basic convo one day.

My favourite thing to do when I roleplay Songwing is to draw and I hope to meet more folks in game who share a similar creative focus. I'm easiest to find on Discord so toss me a pm if interested in meeting up for some cross faction fun!
Valeris Felclaw
Valeris Felclaw Dec 1 '17
Great to meet you all!

Val's a Black-Temple Demon Hunter so as far as he's concerned they're all outsiders. He's been starting to gradually de-program now that he's loose and acknowledge outsiders as individuals with value but the faction war itself couldn't interest him any less than it does. Technically speaking, he's spent more of his life identifying with the Alliance than the Horde but hey, here he is.

I looove getting any chance to pal around with other Demon Hunters, especially when it's a mixed-faction group, but when you're relying on a roleplay add-on that doesn't survive the faction barrier it's hard to tell which Kaldorei are actually in-character and who wants to be involved.

He's not outwardly hostile toward non-Illidari either and doesn't really favor one race over another. If you're looking for a plot in green-territory (Azsuna Stand, Veiled Den) or just wanna crack open a drink and chit chat hmu! :D

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